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Have you had the J. Co experience today?

Nov 27, 2013 marked the opening of the newest craze in town : J. Co Donuts & Coffee. 

The Generals were truly on their toes as they waited patiently to get STAMPED and took home half-a-dozen of heavenly J. Co donuts like freakinly Free!
spotted. c to pauline velasquez
the queue of J. Co lovers in Gensan
and truly, " Nothing is sweeter than the togetherness we share"...
now how sweet can that be!

The J. Co Mania has just invaded Gensan and they are here to sweetify this TUNAriffic City. So jump on the bandwagon and enjoy every bite of it!

J. Co Donuts & Coffee is located at the ground floor of Veranza Mall, General Santos City.

J. Co is finally in Gensan!

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Gensan is so ready for the J. Co invasion !

Being invited to their dry-run yesterday is a "Joy Ko" experience for me. I wouldn't miss this for the world! Looking at the array of these toothsome babies just gave me the feeling of pleasant indulgence coupled with the fact that they are now here in Gensan! 
J. Co is opening their first store in Gensan at the Veranza Mall, today, November 27, 2013, giving half-a-dozen of their now-popular donuts to the first 100 customers.
What I love most about the J. Co donuts is that is tastes just right. Not too sweet . And just look at the names these babies got: quirky eh! How about sinking your teeth on a "Berry Spears" or enjoying a date with "Blueberry Moore"? "Alcapone" tops my favorites though.
Even donuts need a leading man too. So here's a list of cold selection for you. I'm sure there's one that would tickle your fancy. You can order it uno or duo (these are the sizes , dear)
J.CO is the fastest growing donut & coffee chain in Indonesia. They expand their chain into Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai (China), and the Philippines rapidly. Within 8 years operating in South East Asia, J.CO has grown their chain to 135 stores in Indonesia, 14 stores in Malaysia, 14 stores in the Philippines and 4 stores in Singapore.
This brand has penetrate successfully into the local market, dominate the market and business of donuts in Indonesia against Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts and hitch into the market leader in Indonesia and the Philippines. Recently this brand presents not only soft and premium donuts but wide variety of coffee and begin to be known as one of a leading coffee player in Indonesia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J.CO_Donuts


Ilyong: Missing you Daddy

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15 years na pala ,Daddy?
Parang kahapon lang
Ng isugod ka namin 
Sa GSC Emergency Hospital.

Sabi mo, you just need a dose
Of that "tanked" air and a puff
Of that giant smoke machine,
And you'll be okay.

So I brought you
An Archie Comics
Para may libangan ka
Habang "on vacation" ka.

But you are gone.
And I miss you , Di.
I terribly miss you , Daddy
In fact, I am wallowing in tears right now.

Pano ko malilimutan
ang iyong abot-tengang ngiti ,
lalo na pag "nakaka-piso" ka mula kay ate. 

kung paano ka pinaiyak 
ni Perine at ni Cedie, ang munting Prinsipe.
Kung paano mo laklakin 
ang cerelac at gatas na bonna
nina Pikoy at Maya.

Kung paano mo laitin
Sina Sharon Cuneta at Kris Aquino
Sabi mo, kaya nilang lamunin ang kahit sino!

Ang pagpatak ng ulan
Sa tuwing maliligo ka
"Di! wag ka maligo today, maglaba pa ako!"

Ang pagbili mo ng coke litro
Kahit yun na ang kahuli-hulihang pera ng bulsa mo
Dahil lang sa nagdala ng babaeng bisita si Palito. 
 "Hindi bakla ang anak ko!" (Dad, yung ngiti mo, o!)

Ang pagluha mo
Sa pag-uwi ni Biboy galing Baguer.
Di, dama ko ang lungkot mo ng mga panahong yun.
Ang muli mong pagluha  ng ako ay nadapa,
at muling nadapa.

Ang pagmamahal at pagkalinga mo
Kay Pikoy, kay maya at kay Putot!
Sa ilalim ng kama mo, silay naka- pulupot!

At Di, ang litanya mo 
sa tuwing nalalasing ka:
"For the last 25 years...."
 Kahit ika 26th year na!.

Di, kahit ilang taon pa

Siguro ang lumipas
Hinding-hindi ka lilimutin
Nitong anak mong matigas
ang ulo pero ang
pagmamahal sa 'yo ay wagas.

I miss you, Daddy Ko.

BOIS: From Batch Entrep to Batch Happiness

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How time flies....

I already had 4 batches of BOIS graduates under my care. And everytime, I never grew tired of bragging about these batches to the present class I am handling. And young that I am not anymore, I found myself tangled with the batch year so out of the blue, I re-christianed each batch following the special project they conducted respectively.

So, ACLC Business Office Information System students, here are your predecessors:

Batch Entrep.
Project: Mini Young Entrepenuers Fair
Venue: ACLC P.E. Area
Batch President: Shiela Noya

Batch Make-over
Project: Make-over of the P.E. Area
Venue: ACLC P.E. Area
Batch President: Arnie Marquez

Batch Glam
Project: Glam in Waste (Recycling Competition and Fashion Gala)
Venue: ACLC Lobby/ ACLC Complex
Batch President: Charlmaine Ceballo

Batch Happiness
Project: Happiness Campaign
Venue: General Santos City
Batch President: Cherry Sanchez

I wonder, what would the next batch be named after? Or better yet, what would their project be? Freshmen, here are your benchmarks!

GdayXMindanao: A Tsunami of Success!

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General Santos City-Despite rumors of tsunami alert at around 2:00 am of November 16, 2013, Google enthusiasts were not to be discouraged in  participating to Mindanao's biggest GOOGLE-ific day ever!

GDayXMindanao rocked the Trade Hall 2 of SM City General Santos as Googlies from all parts of Mindanao ( Davao City, South Cotabato, General Santos City) lined up for registration at 7:00 in the morning, all  excited for the day's event. 

A queue of participants at the Trade Hall lobby waiting to be enlisted . 
GBG Member Rap Gregorio at the helm 
assisted by Team Michael from ACLC Gensan

Avel Manansala, GBG Gensan Manager and GBG Philippines Co-Country Regional Champion officially opened the program and welcomed the participants for the day.The ball started rolling with the introduction of the event's keynote speaker, Ryan Morales (Head of Marketing Google Philippines) followed by a battery of equally great speakers : Aileen Apolo De Jesus  (Outreach 10X), Erica Hanson ( Women on the Web)& Bernie Arellano ( Crisis Mapping) -who also offered a moment of silence for the victims of superthyphoon Yolanda) All four speakers gamely answered questions from the participants during the "Ask Google" session.

Keynote Speaker Ryan Morales(above)
 & the morning speakers during the "Ask Google" Session.

Breakout Sessions proceeded right after a sumptuous lunch. Participants were led to their assigned rooms following the tracks they signed up for:

Business & Entrepreneurs Track 
1) Create Your Online Presence With Google -
Johnn Mendoza
 (Co-Mngr, GBG Cebu)
2) Map your business: Map Maker & Places -
 Dr. Remo Aguilar
 (Advocate, Google Map Maker)
3) Collaboration for every business with Google Apps -
Herald Uy 
(Google Evangelist)
4) Going Mobile - Ann Olvido
(Google Developers Group - Bacolod)
Educators Track :

1) Google Apps for Education - Aileen Apolo (Head, Google SEA)
2) Google Search and Plus for Education -
 Vincent Tabor
 (Mngr, GBG Baguio/
Country Champion, GBG Phils)
3) Paperless Classroom via Google Drive -
Ariel Lalisan 
(Co-Manager, GBG GenSan)
4) The GSA/GEG Programs -
 Nee Khern Chee
(Outreach, Communities SEA) &
 Aileen Apolo
 And Student Track:
1) The GSA Program -
Nee Khern Chee 
(Outreach, Communities Google SEA)
2) Intro to Google Apps -
 Franz Sarmiento
 (Google Student Ambassador, De La Salle Bacolod)
3) Why G Plus? -
Alexis Chua

(Co-Manager, Google Business Group GenSan)
4) Google Drive for Students -
Dulce Rose Lada
 (Manager, GBG Davao)
With all these interesting and brilliant topics coupled by our dynamic pack of speakers, GBG Gensan hoped to inspire and equip Businessmen, Educators and Students with different Google Products which can help them go a thousand extra miles in their respective interests coming up with a gazillion ideas to power them up improving not just by 10% but 10x better!
GdayXMindanao Speakers with
 GBG Gensan Manager Avel Manansala and their Teddies.


Google schwags added excitement to the day ,too. Different google items like fans, ball pens, lanyards, key chains,notepads , wrist pillows and android flash drives were raffled off to lucky participants.

GdayXMindanao is so far the biggest event for the year spearheaded by GBG Gensan and powered by Google. It is co-presented by SMART LiveMore, IdeaSpace Voyager and SM City General Santos together with the Department of Tourism XII and its Official Partners: Greenleaf Hotel, Down Low Lights & Sounds, MP Princess Printers, Gregoria Pringting Press, Ranchero Nuevo, ABS-CBN Regional Network Group and the SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers .

Members of GBG Gensan

I'll take this opportunity to thank all 350 participants who came to join & celebrate  GDayXMindanao with us. To all our zippy speakers, thank you for sharing your time , expertise & effort . We're looking forward to another chance where we can continue to Connect, Inform & Inspire !

A huuuuge hug for our ever energetic, funny & jet-setter-walang-tulog-mode but still Ganda-ever-so-much-emcee-so-much Orman Manansala.

To Team Michael, thanks a bunch kiddos!

Student Volunteers :Team Michael 
from ACLC Gensan's BOIS Batch Happiness
And to the members of the sub-group of GBG Gensan: WALANG TULUGAN TEAM: Ric & Sheng Dumalay, Rap Gregorio, Roger Tadefa JUNIOR, Job, Lizy & Cidy, Master Erwin & Christine,Daddy Mr. Pogi Laurence Erojo, Rose & Arnel, The assistant to the "I am an Event Organizer": Poppy Rillo & The official assistant of the GBG Manager Planet Man MARCELINO Bendol.

Kasing-BIG niya na pasasalamat sa mother naming lahat, Mamu Avelmar Ortega Manansala for working hard to make this event ohzhum & a REyahleety!

And to all the members of GBG Gensan , we ROCKED it guys! Ang geleng-geleng natin! Teehee!

Kudos to us All. Party Na!
Chis & Tell Google!



GDayX Mindanao is Happening Really, Really Soon!

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And we're rolling!

The countdown has begun for the most awaited day in Mindanao's Googlelandia! GdayXMindanao is all set for 11.16.13. It will be staged at the Trade Hall of SM City General Santos.

The 5-day countdown is almost over. 

The clock is ticking away and we're almost down to the last 24 hours before the ohzhum GdayX! Woot! Woot!

Have you replied to your confirmation message awredi? Well, what are you waiting for? Hit the keyboards now!

Get updates here. GdayX Mindanao is spearheaded by GBG Gensan and supported by Google.

See you soon, googlies!

Wanted: Unlimited Help. ACLC Gensan Volunteers.

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In a moment where thousands of our fellowmen suffer from hunger, grief & discomfort, let us not start bashing and pointing fingers on who is to blame. There will always be a time for that.

Instead let us continue to pack and send a glimmer of Hope to our "kababayans" in the Visayas. Let our hands do the talking. Help. A lot of organizations need volunteers so that relief goods will find its way to the poor Yolanda victims' hands immediately.

Pray that in God's grace, healing will come to our land. People will always have their different opinion on things. But is it really important now? More important than reviving the spirit of the devastated ones?

ACLC Gensan participates in the Relief Operations of ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya Foundation. These students took some time off from their studies to help speed up the preparation of Family Food Packs.

Be a blessing. 
Be thankful that you are able to help others rather than being the one in need of other people's help.

As they say, THERE IS JOY IN GIVING. THERE IS LOVE IN HELPING.Experience joy. Experience Love. Let HELP overflow.

Continue to send your donations to ABS-CBN  Sagip Kapamilya ,Purok Malakas, General Santos City or at the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council and CSWD Drop-off Center at the Oval Plaza Gymnasium , this City.

The General Santos City Tourism Council headed by our First Lady Jane Rivera is also accepting donations in cash or in kind. You may send your donations at the Suncity Suites.

Volunteers are also welcome to participate in the relief operations.

Help Visayas. Now.

Daddy's Whitney

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Birthday ng Mommy namin,
Ang "Mrs. Brown" at "Whitney Houston" 
ng Daddy namin!
Na ang favorite songs only
Are "Usahay" and "Constantly"
Kaya this video is for you Mommy.

Our Mommy,
At Seventy-one remains pretty
Parang kami lng nina Ate!
At bilang Junyora mo, 
Itong regalo ko sa 'yo
Isang matamis na :