About Chix & Tell

I am Chiclet 
and this is where I tell my story...:)

that's me

Chix & Tell shares my experiences in a day or two, touching people, going to places, enjoying happenings, sharing random thoughts, barking occasional rantings and all sorts of reverie.

This is my 2nd attempt at blogging coz the first one was left to sleep and hibernate with the password hidden at the back of my brain for eternity.

 I haven't  really been successful in convincing myself that I can actually do a blog. In fact, I don't even know what I would be blogging about!I guess it's going to be anything and everything under the sun.


My new career pushed me to start writing again given the luxury of time that I have! And so to avoid ending up counting my own strands of hair driven by uber boredom, I finally launched CHIX & TELL. Tah-dahnnn!

and I!

After 1 year of writing about events and happenings around me, 1 year of writing poems ,forcing myself to be a poet, telling silly stories and sharing my two cents worth on some stuff, I am STILL in the phase of exploring the wonderful world of blogging. IN FACT, I am adding this page  only today, after a year of having launched this blog! Oh, I am sure you can forgive me for such ignorance!

Here's a bit of myself:

Real Name: Rofil Mae E. Moscoso- Rillo
Friends call me: Chiclet/ Ms. Chiclet
Birthday: October 9---I'm a Libra!
I am a Catholic
I am a woman but my birth certificate and 
marriage contract do not agree with each other.
Ex-boyfriend, now husband: Jose Nelson A. Rillo a.k.a POPPY!
I have three kids: Marc Harvee, Maria Ysabella and Miles Alexander

here with my poppy
my life

I juggle things like crazy to earn a living: I work for the South Cotabato Filipino -Chinese Chamber of Commerce, I teach part time at ACLC College of General Santos, and I manage Events on the side.

To keep a a healthy life, I hang out with cool friends. I can always be myself with my beloved BMC (you dont wanna ask what the three letter stands for...its gonna cost you 30kiaw! Let's leave it at that) .

I also share a beautiful friendship with the soxbloggers and the rich kids society were we are so fond calling our selves rich kids and timawas depending on the pocket status of the moment...:D...we are a bunch of "practicing elitistas"...para pag trulagen na ang richness, dili na mi mag-adjust kay praktisado na! Hahahaha!

I love to eat , eat out and hang out with friends. I love gulay, I love karne, I love carbs and Im crazy over shrimps!

You don't mess with mah coffee! I like it black, I like it with cream, I like it hot, I like it cold! It can be an Sbux, A Lavazza or a 3-in-1. It doesn't matter. Basta naay cofi!

I am Chiclet.
Welcome to my world.