TNT Extend 4545, Extending Kulitan and Kiligan All-You-Can sa Halagang P5 Lang!

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Nagging my kids about how they waste food on their plate, over-spending  on unnecessary items and failing to re-purpose stuff is nothing but a normal scene at home. As a mother hen of three, I try to inculcate to my chicks how important it is to learn how to stretch what little resources their Papa and I can provide for them.

A lucky mom that I am, am happy to share that my kids grew up to be very understanding and never demanding when it comes to keeping up with what is "uso" among their circle of friends. In this time and age where even a toddler already owns a gadget even before they're able to walk, my kids are actually lucky to have received their own smartphones just three years ago! And, an agreement was forged between parent and child that they have to save for their own cellphone loads!

Well, sighs of discontent and attempt to appeal were made, to no avail! Take it or leave it ang peg ng Mudra here! After all, I gave up buying the gadget I wanted ( and needed) that time, to score them brand new ones! So that left them with no choice! Tipidtrip it is. Overtime, my kids learned to value the airtime they buy. Good thing there are unli-loads and combo packages being offered by network giants. However, they often get disappointed because of the chunky part it steals from their meager allowances.

Good thing, Talk & Text, the largest value brand under Smart Communications, Inc.,(SMART) has come up with this brilliant  and affordable idea! The TNT Extend! For only P5 per day, my kids get to enjoy the same promo offerings they enjoy without having to worry about expiration and hurting their pockets.And the best part there is that TNT allows you to use this offer up to 365 times as compared to the 30 times similar offering of a rival network. Now that is what you call streeeeeeetching!

No more reasons not to drop Mom a sweet message or howler Pop for some muscled help or even tweet about their newest noon time addiction, the AlDub kilig moments!

Incidentally, TNT has launched the now famous tandem of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub to be the face of this recent offering, bannering TNT Extend and extending kiligness all over the world wide web. I dunno about you, but my lot is becoming hooked to the love story of this power couple from Eat Bulaga. Even hubby has his own share of cheesy moments here. Gosh! 

All that a TNT Subscriber needs to do is to :
Enroll  to SELECTED TNT Promos, 
Text EXTEND to 4545 and 
Wait for a confirmation from TNT---that's it! 

Now you can enjoy  extended fun under the sun! 
To learn more about this promo, visit


This is a sponsored post by Smart Communications, Inc.

Miss World Philippines 2015 Candidate # 23: Janette Roanne L. Sturm, General Santos City!

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Following her victory as Reyna ng Aliwan Gensan 2013, Ms. Silka Central Mindanao 2003 and Ms. Socsargen 2012Filipina-Dutch beauty Janette Roanne L. Sturm will be representing General Santos City in this year's battle for beauty and brains, Miss World Philippines 2015.

Standing tall and proud in all 5 feet and 7 inches, Sturm has obtained her bachelor's degree in Mass Communication  from Ateneo de Davao University with latin honors (Cum Laude). She is seen as an active participant in the fashion and modeling industry of the region as well.

Having a soft spot for children in her heart, Sturm has chosen St. Elizabeth Cranofacial Foundation, Inc.'s Project: Ngiti ng Pag-asa, a project for the cleft lip and palate children of Socsksargen, as her beneficiary for her Beauty with a Purpose Project.

Let us, as one General, join Janette in her journey. 

Go, Candidate # 23, make us proud!

SMGS Partners with the CoMELEC for Biometrics Registration.

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Be Counted!

In line with the Commission on Election's campaign for "No Bio, No Boto", SM Supermalls has partnered with the agency in providing accessible and convenient venue for the Biometric registration. Come Halalan 2016, voters whose biometrics have not been captured will not be allowed to cast their votes.

In General Santos City,  September 21-22 & September 28-29, 2015 have been slated to cater applicants for biometric registration at The Event center of SM General Santos. Applicants are required to bring a photocopy of any government-issued ID or a photocopy of Birth Certificate. Voters are also encouraged to have their biometrics validated to avoid inconvenience come election day.

Biometrics registration will end on 31 October 2015.

Casa Rafael: Gensan's First Value Business Inn

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Planning for a business trip to the land of Tuna anytime soon? Do business as usual in Gensan's first value business inn : Casa Rafael.

Located at the heart of the City, Casa Rafael conveniently stands near major shopping centers, hospitals , churches and the seat of the Local Government. It has the space and essential amenities that would make any businessman's stay relaxing and convenient.

Here's a quick look at Casa Rafael's facilities:

Check out their Introductory and Published Room Rates below.

DIY: Tattered Jeans

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I've always fancied wearing tattered jeans. Always. I think its cool and young!(read: Pugong sa edad). I've been silently checking some of 'em distressed pairs at the malls too. Took mah time appreciating the stuff, running mah fingers on the loosened edges or the lacy underlines before taking a peek at the price tags...and scurrying far from it because of the dollars ringing (in uder words: MAHAL!)

But, because of this uber urge to jump into my own tat, I went on scavenging over what little rubbish I got and viola! Got meself a good candidate: my old pair of BNY jeans. Come to mama, baby. We're gonna do some ripping!

So here now is the transformation of a jeannie:

  1. You're gonna need some ARMS! I used a cutter and a pusher to help me loosen the threads. But you can also use a pair of scissors to a cut a hole in your jeans. You're also going to need some stuff to thin the spot. Got myself a sandpaper for this. You can also grab a steel wool or a pumice stone. 

 2.Some Fillers. You're gonna need something to fill your pants with before slicing through, unless you want both sides of the pants to get the slash. I used a folded magazine for this. A thin piece of wood or a small chopping board will also serve the purpose.

3.  Mark the spot. Lay your jeans out flat on a table and with the help of a pen or a marker, draw a line to where you wanna start  ripping off. Normally, people want to cut around the knee part or somewhere near the leg area. It's really up to you.

4. Let's Fray! Loosen the fibers of the jeans before cutting it. You can do this using a sandpaper. This step might test your patience, depending on the thickness of your jeans. Also depends on whether you have already achieved that "distressed" level you got drawn inside your mind.

5. It's time to loosen up! Once you're done with the fraying, you may now wound up your jeans a bit and start pulling through the threads. Leave the white threads. Once you pick a thin thread out, it's gonna be easier to harvest the others. I used a pusher for this step. BUT! Please don't follow what I did! Take the jeans off, my golly!

Now go! Work on your imagination! Give those old, dusty jeannie a new life. Rip 'em up! 


Updates on the 16th National Tuna Congress Resolutions

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Every year, the National Tuna Congress passes a set of  resolutions. These resolutions are proposals for policy or action, or both, which are put before the plenary for adoption. They often contain a declaration of principle as well as the demand for action or a change of policy. These resolutions are then circulated to concerned government agencies, organizations, and industry stakeholders for appropriate actions.

For months, the NTC Program and Resolution Committee drafts these resolutions to reflect current issues and concerns of the industry. These are a result of consultation, researches, deliberation and drafting with key industry stakeholders.

From the desk of Mr. Neil del Rosario , Co-Chairman of the 17th National Tuna Congress- Finance Committee ,General Manager, Rell & Renn Fishing Corp. Vice President of the Fresh Frozen Seafood of the Phils., Inc., below is an update on the resolutions submitted during the 16th National Tuna Congress:

The 17th National Tuna Congress: "Regional Cooperation- the Way Forward"

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General Santos City once again plays host to the annual gathering of stakeholders and key players in the Tuna Industry. Happening on Sept 3-4, 2015, The 17th National Tuna Congress will be held at the Trade Halls of the SM City General Santos.

This year's Congress paddles off with the theme "Regional Cooperation: the Way Forward". Tuna Industry experts will shed light on the opportunities, issues and challenges present in the fishing industries in reference to the ASEAN Integration 2015. The focus in this year's NTC is to continue to support, collaborate and participate in all endeavors aimed in attaining cooperation among regional fishers, seafood processors and exporters.

NTC's goal is to openly exchange views among the regional partners on matters of mutual interest, and to enhance access to better technology, food safety assurance, supply sustainability, greater market opportunities and environment and social responsibility.

A battery of Resource Persons has been invited to speak before the congress. Check schedule below:

For updates on the 16th National Tuna Congress Resolutions, go here.

For more information, you may keep in touch with the NTC Secretariat:

SOCSKSargen Federation of Fishing & Allied Industries Inc.
Mezzanine Floor, Market 3 Building, GS Fish Port Complex, Tambler, General Santos City