DIY: Tattered Jeans

11:27 PM

I've always fancied wearing tattered jeans. Always. I think its cool and young!(read: Pugong sa edad). I've been silently checking some of 'em distressed pairs at the malls too. Took mah time appreciating the stuff, running mah fingers on the loosened edges or the lacy underlines before taking a peek at the price tags...and scurrying far from it because of the dollars ringing (in uder words: MAHAL!)

But, because of this uber urge to jump into my own tat, I went on scavenging over what little rubbish I got and viola! Got meself a good candidate: my old pair of BNY jeans. Come to mama, baby. We're gonna do some ripping!

So here now is the transformation of a jeannie:

  1. You're gonna need some ARMS! I used a cutter and a pusher to help me loosen the threads. But you can also use a pair of scissors to a cut a hole in your jeans. You're also going to need some stuff to thin the spot. Got myself a sandpaper for this. You can also grab a steel wool or a pumice stone. 

 2.Some Fillers. You're gonna need something to fill your pants with before slicing through, unless you want both sides of the pants to get the slash. I used a folded magazine for this. A thin piece of wood or a small chopping board will also serve the purpose.

3.  Mark the spot. Lay your jeans out flat on a table and with the help of a pen or a marker, draw a line to where you wanna start  ripping off. Normally, people want to cut around the knee part or somewhere near the leg area. It's really up to you.

4. Let's Fray! Loosen the fibers of the jeans before cutting it. You can do this using a sandpaper. This step might test your patience, depending on the thickness of your jeans. Also depends on whether you have already achieved that "distressed" level you got drawn inside your mind.

5. It's time to loosen up! Once you're done with the fraying, you may now wound up your jeans a bit and start pulling through the threads. Leave the white threads. Once you pick a thin thread out, it's gonna be easier to harvest the others. I used a pusher for this step. BUT! Please don't follow what I did! Take the jeans off, my golly!

Now go! Work on your imagination! Give those old, dusty jeannie a new life. Rip 'em up! 


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