Chef Gene Gonzalez Cooks in "Kan-Anan sa Gensan".

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Masflex KitchenPro recently staged a cooking demonstration dubbed as "Kan-anan sa Gensan" featuring  no less than the iconic Filipino culinary figure non pareil himself, Chef Gene Gonzalez.This was attended by culinary enthusiasts and HRM students from local schools like STI College, Goldenstate College and Stratford International School. 

While waiting for the program to start, the audience were invited to pop some corn using a cookware from Masflex. And once they go popping, the cook gets to enjoy it and takes home a pack of Easy Pop!

It was one prizes-galore day as  KitchenPro Knives ,gift packs from Ideal Pasta , Jolly and Magnolia Devil's Food Cake were raffled off to lucky spectators. And the real show hasn't even started yet!
#68 wins a pack of Magnolia Devil's Food Cake.
One sweet day for my daughter.

Before the cooking demo started to heat up, the day's host, Hiren Mirchandani, former student of Chef Gene and now the Marketing Manager of Masflex KitchenPro, talked about the company's vision and introduced their line of Culinary Knives as endorsed by their brand ambassador in the person of Chef Gene.

And then it was time to introduce the man of the hour. Chef Gene Gonzalez, owner of Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS) ,  has captured his audience's attention as he swiftly navigated through the modular kitchen.

First on the menu was the Durian Roll. Using the freshest ingredients from the grocery section of the KCC Mall, Chef Gene effortlessly  showed the audience how to make durian jam, given that the fruit is so abundant these days . Chef Gene also prepared some panfry glazed daing na bangus and whipped up an appetizer he called ensaladang dadiangas in less than five minutes .

Above: Durian Roll Below: Panfry Glazed Daing na Bangus

Next, Chef Gene was joined by 4 volunteers randomly chosen from the audience. They were to cook  cola-based Sarsiparilla Chicken.

My husband was luckily chosen along with 3 others. And what do you know! Aside from enjoying the chance of cooking with a famous chef, they also get to take home the Dish, the Masflex Aluminum Non-stick Stock Pot and the Serving Dish!

Chef Gene also taught the audience, which was dominated by HRM Students, how to take good care of a knife and how to properly hone it using the Masflex KitchenPro Honing Steel. He said having a really good knife helps cut down total preparation time and makes cooking a breeze . He proudly announced that each and every knife in the Masflex KitchenPro Culinary Knife Collection has been meticulously developed to ensure that their functionality is at its finest.  And to prove to everyone the knife's ultimate sharpness, Chef Gene has skillfully sliced a watermelon in mid-air drawing a loud cheer from the crowd. 
My favorite part of this truly fun-filled , delicious and prize-packed event? Drawing of the major prizes! #57 wins! I took home one of the 3 major prizes: Masflex 5-pc. stainless steel cookware set! Winner! Yay!

Here with the Chef! 
The photo that made some of my friends green with envy! teehee! 

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