Nilarang na Tuna, Grilled Native Chicken & More @ Jem's Grill

8:15 PM

A recent invitation led us to this ihaw-ihaw restaurant along Leon Llido Street in General Santos City. While I pass by this area every day from home to work and back, Jem's Grill and Seafoods Restaurant never caught my fancy. I honestly thought it was "just" another ihaw-ihaw place. 

That day, our lovely host, Ms. Madeline Go, prepared a mouth-watering spread for the SoxBlogggers to feast on. Today, I am still dreaming of their Nilarang na Tuna and Grilled Native Chicken!

Jem's version of Nilarang na Isda
Nilarang is a famous Cebuano Cuisine. Here at Jem's , they use Gensan's pride, Tuna (the big eye variety), as the main ingredient for this partly sour, partly spicy, thick and hearty fish soup with chunks of ripe tomatoes. It's perfect to warm up anyone who is feeling under the weather or make "gising" a sober soul.😉

Jem's Grilled Native Chicken
Grilled chicken is easy to find anywhere in Gensan but Jem's version is something that I suggest you give a try. The nicely browned chicken cuts promise to bring a gustatory experience to the palate. Cooked and seasoned just right, it's a superstar! I can eat a whole fowl.Hahaha!

Jem's Grilled Tuna Belly
That's why we are called the Tuna Capital, right? Tuna! Generously sprinkled with diced garlic, grilled to perfection ,locking all the juice inside. This one is an easy thumbs-upper.

Oh, there's more! Zesty kinilaw, crispy pata, deep-fried hito, and other flavorsome dishes that is best shared with family and friends. 

They offer set meals for big groups and combi meal options for one. They have a spacious open-area , an air conditined room and a deck if you prefer a little "height". 

For a place that serves good food at a reasonable price, I am actually sad that it is not getting the attention it deserves but am happy to note that the management intends to introduce some facelift to the place soon. I can see some highly instagrammable corners popping up soon.  Hey guys, here's a new discovery!

Jem's is just a few minutes' ride from SM General Santos and Gaisano Mall. You can hail a tricy and pay P8.00 per pax. They are open from 10:00 A.M. -  2:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

For reservations, you reach them at +63 927 955 5885 or ☎️  878 - 2878.

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