Turning Red Flag Days into #PositivelyBetter Days with Jeunesse

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I have been in love with anything red for as long as I can remember. In fact, I enjoy calling myself the Red Riding Hood , lol! But, as with anything else, there is always an exception: Red Flag Days! Ugh. If only it ain't alarming not to have that monthly "bisita", I would have wished for it to disappear from my system! Of course, that would not be possible. We all know that this monthly hormonal driven cycle is part and parcel of being a woman! It keeps us healthy and prepares our body for pregnancy (ayaw ko na po for the 4th time!). So dawat-dawat.

I dunno about you, but red flag days often affect my mood and performance. Why do we have to experience all these discomforts? From painful menstrual cramps to looking like a bloated potato especially during the first 3 days! It feels like somebody just left the faucet open! Gushing through the snow! Aside from that, red flag days are also the "stiff-necks-and-Olympic Season" for us girls coz we always need to check for stains or do a 100m sprint to the bathroom for a quick change, not to mention the feeling of wearing the 7 dwarfs perfume! Despite this monthly episodes, supermoms like me just can't afford to slow down especially when statements of account and bills from left to right start coming in faster than a jet!

A Breakthrough Product.
A woman's hygiene is one of the least talked about subjects in the past but things have changed! Women today are more open to better options as more companies are coming forward to address the unique needs of a woman. Just recently, new found friends from the Metro left me this product that would completely turn my negatron attitude towards red flag days into something #PositivelyBetter : Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Pads and Liners!
Jeunesse Anion Gift Packs for my girlfriends and I to share!

For years, I have tried all types of commercially available sanitary pads and liners : from thick pads to slim pads with dri-weave top covers, wings and non-wings, the works! Yet, I still experience most of the menstrual discomforts not to mention the inconvenience one has to go through especially on heavy days. 

With a good amount of Jeunesse Sanitary Pads and Liners sent for me to try, how can I resist? Cho-choosy pa talaga, teh? I am actually hoping to finally find that perfect partner that will give me top protection no matter how much I move, run or jump! 

I've switched to Jeunesse!
I first tried the liners and immediately fell in love with it! It's got the right size with the top sheet made of quick-absorbing and breathable material and promises to help fight vaginal infections or irritations among other health advantages.  The green thing in the center called #AnionChip is said to emit negatively-charged molecules that help reduce odor and bacteria thus maintaining lasting freshness and protection.

It's a bit pricey compared to the leading brand but nothing that won't make me shell out a little more from what I usually buy in exchange for additional benefits. Apart from that, Jeunesse Anion pala is proudly a Filipino Brand and I like that. So I've switched!

7 Layers of Protection
Whatever level of activities you are engaged into, there is a Jeunesse Anion Pad variant that will suit you. It is available in 5 variants- ultra day pad, (non-wing)  ultra day pad, ultra night pad, all night and panty liner. Each Jeunesse pad comes with an anion strip to help alleviate menstrual discomfort like dysmenorrhea. It is specially designed with 7 layers of protection to ensure comfort during that special time of the month: (1) Top cover is made of special non-woven material for maximum comfort and softness (2) Anion strip emits negatively-charged molecules for lasting freshness and protection (3) Side leak guards to prevent strikethrough (4) Highly protective super-absorbent polymer for superior liquid retention (5) Sterilized and dirt free layer (6) Breathable bottom layer allows free flow of air (7) Specially designed back adhesive keeps pad securely in place. 

 I especially like the ultra day non-wing pad (Light Blue Packaging) . It is 23 cm long and gives protection even on heavy days and the pad securely stays in place! No more lukot! For some reason, I am much comfortable wearing this variant as compared to the winged ones. I've only used the product for the first time (like 4 days) and I can already say that I am happy with the product. I mean it delivers! I didn't have to fly to the restroom room for a quick change nor did I experience feeling extremely wet and icky eww down there. 

I also like how I can easily slip a pad or two in my kikay kit for that "on the go" drama. Each pad is securely glued so I need not worry about having it exposed to dust or dirt. The packaging of the pads also comes with a resealable sticker to keep them clean all the time and more convenient for us to store it.
Downside at the moment is that Jeunesse Sanitary Pads and liners are not YET available in most supermarkets here in General Santos City BUT you can find it at Watsons (we've got 2 stores here, girlfriends: at  the 2/F of SM General Santos and the 2/F or Veranza Mall) or you can place your order at Lazada for a hassle-free shopping! 

#Anion Sa'yo!

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