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10:33 PM

26 October 2018. 

Thank God it's Friday for the Soxbloggers and I were over the top excited for our trip to the big City to take part in what prolly is the biggest gathering of v/bloggers, content creators and influencers in the country today : #ConnectedByBlogapalooza! 

Bags packed , gadgets in, we tow in a row ready to check in for our Gensan -Manila flight courtesy of the event's official carrier : Philippine Air Lines, only to be told that we were on the wait list and that "...chances are high that you can't get on board  because of circumstances beyond our control..." I can barely hear the attendant while he was mouthing those words. My bubble thoughts were saying "call the blogamomma!"

It appeared that there was a change of aircraft (to a smaller one) for this particular flight and the airline giant can only do so much to accommodate all the paying passengers (read: sponsored flight po kami! ☺) Thankfully, Ace Gapuz- the supergirl behind Blogapalooza- immediately came to our rescue upon learning this turn of events. And so while she busied herself summoning all her PAL fairies  and doing  wonders to haul our arses to Manila, the Soxbees and I, with  hopeful hearts, tried to relax and waited for some good news.
The check-in area is ours to own! Smile bisan kulba!

Being the self-proclaimed proxy mother hen of the Soxbloggers' Team Blogapalooza, I told my babies that if we were not to fly that day, we might as well cancel our attendance (Options are, we fly out the day after -that's Bloga Day! Ugh- or we board the Ges-Ilo-Mnl flight which was bound to take off in less than 3 hours, God willing.) So after laying down our cards to Ace, the waiting, double with jack stone playing, continued. Tik. Tok. Tik. Tok. 

A few minutes and some fast lunch from the airport cafeteria after, my phone buzzed. It's the Blogamomma. We are taking the Ges-Ilo-Mnl flight real quick! Whooooooaaa! A slight deviation from the original plan but nothing that we can't embrace with much excitement. After all, we are stepping foot on the land of Dinagyang Festival! Iloilo here we come!
A quick grouphie with the Captain and his Crew before deplaning. 
Thank you for flying us safely, @Flypal!

To make the long story short, we made the most of our fleeting visit to Iloilo City: dropped by their tourism booth , snapped some shots, delighted ourselves with the festival head dresses and hurried off to the departure area for our seamless flight to Manila. We missed the famous La Paz Batchoy tho! 

Ari kami di sa Iloilo! Makaon kami ka batchoy!

Good thing, there were treats in the sky to keep our tummies from grumbling! (teehee) Afterall, a cup of coffee fixes everything! Lol! 
This slice of banana chocolate chip cake and cup of coffee tell me everything is gonna be okay.

More often than not, adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one (Hans Selye). Am I glad to have patient and grateful people around me! Oh how I love my #SoxBees family!

Thank you Philippine Air Lines, truly, you are the heart of the Filipinos! ❤

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