Chix & the Pirate at the Night Rush!

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My youngest son & I joined this year's night run of Suncity Suites in celebration of their 3rd Anniversary and we certainly had a blast! Miles was dressed in his Captain Sparrow costume in line with the hotel's anniversary theme, Caribbean.

I gave instructions to the pirate a few minutes before gun start while we fell on the queue. This, being his first run in the open streets, the stage mum in me was excited for him and so I went like, "O, pag di na kaya, hinto, hingal, pahinga ha. Pede naman maglakad. "I had imagine the two of us running abreast each other . And then, there goes the "Bang!"

The pirate bolted off like Speedy Gonzales! Or did he see Captain Barbosa  somewhere that made him sprint that fast?! Ala hoy! I tried to catch up to no avail. I can  hear my heart beat as loud as the  Kuerdas Band would hit their drums! I half walked- half ran and frantically called Poppy to inform him I lost his pirate in the mob of nyt runners!

And so I continued to run-walk-and now pray-for the safety of my pirate.

A few meters before the 3k turning point, I saw the silhouette of my man! Oh there he is!----and with his yellow string! Happy na ako. He is safe! Hahahaha....tinawanan pa 'ko! Talo pa daw ako ng hikain ( he's asthmatic) . And so we finished the run, now running-walking together with matching singing " Nasa 'yo na ang leheeeet...."

And what better way to cap the night but with a cold, tall coffee from Starbucks! What a sweet & sweaty bonding!

Congratulations to the organizers of the 3rd SunCitySuitesNightRunSeries.  

See you next year!

My Mini Me

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She is "NENE" to Tito Roy and Tito Biboy,

"MIRAY" to Tita Chewi,

"MAYANG" to Tito Myk,

"MAIA" to her siblings,

"ZYIA" to her fwends,

To Mama,


My favorite daughter .
( I don't have much choice, she's our only dawtuh!). 
Beautiful and Lanky at the age of thirteen.
When she was younger (with a few strands on her head, we call Hair),
her favorite soap opera character is "BAGYO" 
( the villain played by Mark Gil in Mula sa Puso).
Am I glad that she didn't grow up like one, whew!
So we named her " BEANS". 
Short for BAGYO-BEANS!
You want to please her?
You want to piss her?
Give her NINA!

She is MAIA.
My baby. My Little Lady.
My Mini Me.

This is a re-post from my old blog "The Mom in Me"

I wish

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I wish I could paint
A rainbow in the sky
Bring splash of colors
To the gloomy outdoors.

I wish I could play
A happy melody
And bring harmony
As well as blissful memory.

I wish I could sing
Like a bird in the spring
And touch a soul
Who will forever glow.

I wish I could shower
Raindrops to the flowers
Let the mist cover
All the four-leaf clover.

I wish I had
A fairy's wand
For it's your wish
I want to grant.

Requirements for Filing of Petition for Correction of Gender ( R.A. 10172)

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This is a sequel to my previous blog re RA 10172.

I went to the Local Civil Registry of General Santos City today to get an update on the RA -thingy and much to my appreciation, I was led to this room which handles queries under this act.

I found myself at the end of a short queue with people whose problems were mostly misspelled name entries  ( ako lang ata ang may gender issues sa mga to!) So when it was my turn, the nice lady gave me a list of documents required to file a petition for correction of Sex (Refers to the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women---para malinaw lang, hehehe)

AGAIN, to those whose fate I share with, ETO po ang requirements natin:

  1. Birth Certificate or Certified Transcription ( from LCR & NSO)
  2. Baptismal Certificate issued by Religious Authorities
  3. Earliest School Record/ Documents ( Pakalkal niyo po school records niyo sa Elementarya)
  4. Medical Certificate from the City Health Officer that you ( the petitioner) has not undergone any sex change or sex transplant  ( Kalkalan din kaya eto? Just curious!)
  5. Medical Records showing your gender
  6. Certificate of Employment with No Administrative Pending Case
Once you have the above-listed items, then you may proceed to securing the following                 ( documents below are due to expire, so kung matatagalan ka sa mga papeles na nakatala sa itaas, at least maiiwasan na mapaso agad ang mga clearances mo) :
  1. NBI Clearance
  2. Police Clearance
  3. Cedula
And here's an estimate of what we are shelling out from our pockets ( I think applicable fees may vary per municipality/ city/province. Figures that follow applies for Gensan only po): Legal Fees   P3,180.00 ,Mailing  200.00, Other Fees  621.00 for a Total of P4,001.00 + Cost of Publication.

Oh, and THIS LINK might help too.

So there! Let the quest begin!
Abangan ang pagpapalit-anyo, este, pagpapalit-kasarian ko! 

And the Cactus Wept

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photo from google image

There she stands
Mighty and proud.
In the crowd,
She just would stand out.
Admiration she would be earning
Without even trying.

There she stands
Pricked by her thorns.
Ignore so hard she tried
The pain that burns inside.
The sap flowed freely
As she was pierced deeply.

The cactus wept.
The sap ran endlessly.
And then it dried suddenly
And crystallized before her eyes.
I was mesmerized
By the beauty she remained to epitomize.