Chix & the Pirate at the Night Rush!

7:28 PM

My youngest son & I joined this year's night run of Suncity Suites in celebration of their 3rd Anniversary and we certainly had a blast! Miles was dressed in his Captain Sparrow costume in line with the hotel's anniversary theme, Caribbean.

I gave instructions to the pirate a few minutes before gun start while we fell on the queue. This, being his first run in the open streets, the stage mum in me was excited for him and so I went like, "O, pag di na kaya, hinto, hingal, pahinga ha. Pede naman maglakad. "I had imagine the two of us running abreast each other . And then, there goes the "Bang!"

The pirate bolted off like Speedy Gonzales! Or did he see Captain Barbosa  somewhere that made him sprint that fast?! Ala hoy! I tried to catch up to no avail. I can  hear my heart beat as loud as the  Kuerdas Band would hit their drums! I half walked- half ran and frantically called Poppy to inform him I lost his pirate in the mob of nyt runners!

And so I continued to run-walk-and now pray-for the safety of my pirate.

A few meters before the 3k turning point, I saw the silhouette of my man! Oh there he is!----and with his yellow string! Happy na ako. He is safe! Hahahaha....tinawanan pa 'ko! Talo pa daw ako ng hikain ( he's asthmatic) . And so we finished the run, now running-walking together with matching singing " Nasa 'yo na ang leheeeet...."

And what better way to cap the night but with a cold, tall coffee from Starbucks! What a sweet & sweaty bonding!

Congratulations to the organizers of the 3rd SunCitySuitesNightRunSeries.  

See you next year!

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