Requirements for Filing of Petition for Correction of Gender ( R.A. 10172)

11:18 PM

This is a sequel to my previous blog re RA 10172.

I went to the Local Civil Registry of General Santos City today to get an update on the RA -thingy and much to my appreciation, I was led to this room which handles queries under this act.

I found myself at the end of a short queue with people whose problems were mostly misspelled name entries  ( ako lang ata ang may gender issues sa mga to!) So when it was my turn, the nice lady gave me a list of documents required to file a petition for correction of Sex (Refers to the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women---para malinaw lang, hehehe)

AGAIN, to those whose fate I share with, ETO po ang requirements natin:

  1. Birth Certificate or Certified Transcription ( from LCR & NSO)
  2. Baptismal Certificate issued by Religious Authorities
  3. Earliest School Record/ Documents ( Pakalkal niyo po school records niyo sa Elementarya)
  4. Medical Certificate from the City Health Officer that you ( the petitioner) has not undergone any sex change or sex transplant  ( Kalkalan din kaya eto? Just curious!)
  5. Medical Records showing your gender
  6. Certificate of Employment with No Administrative Pending Case
Once you have the above-listed items, then you may proceed to securing the following                 ( documents below are due to expire, so kung matatagalan ka sa mga papeles na nakatala sa itaas, at least maiiwasan na mapaso agad ang mga clearances mo) :
  1. NBI Clearance
  2. Police Clearance
  3. Cedula
And here's an estimate of what we are shelling out from our pockets ( I think applicable fees may vary per municipality/ city/province. Figures that follow applies for Gensan only po): Legal Fees   P3,180.00 ,Mailing  200.00, Other Fees  621.00 for a Total of P4,001.00 + Cost of Publication.

Oh, and THIS LINK might help too.

So there! Let the quest begin!
Abangan ang pagpapalit-anyo, este, pagpapalit-kasarian ko! 

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