Onajin Spa : More than just a Spa. Its an experience.

6:37 PM

General Santos City.

Onajin Spa recently opened the doors of their wellness sanctuary right at the heart of the bustling tuna city. Located at the 2nd floor of Valley High along the National Highway, Onajin Spa gives the Generals and the busy bodies of the business district the haven to embrace the essence of Africa in an ambiance that is sure to bring a relaxing experience.

Onajin (on-NAH-jeen) is an african word which means "soothing." An experience that this spa promises to bring with their team of dedicated wellness specialists, all trained to helping people feel most connected with ones self in harmony with nature.

A friendly wellness specialist gives you a warm welcome at the door.
Lose yourself to a soothing experience with 
the help of Onajin Spa Wellness Specialists.

Onajin Spa offers a respite from the stressful hustle-bustle of life and gives you a  variety of equally relaxing services at the most affordable rates.They also cater to kids and spa parties.

Onajin spa is owned and managed by the unbeatable tandem of a seemingly twin sisters whose favorite song in the world is Spice Girls' 2-become-1. Let Raz & Zy's passion take you to an experience that will want you coming back for more.

Sisters Razzia Hahn Olermo-Tumpalan  and Zyrah Mae Olermo-Hong 
are both expectant mothers. Babies are undoubtedly the world's luckiest charm!

For bookings and reservations , call 0943.726.8853 or 554.4448.
You may also email them at onajinmassage@gmail.com.
Onajin Spa is open Mondays thru Sundays from 2:00 pm-12:00 mn.

You may also visit Onajin Massage Relaxation Zone at 2/f Hopewell Building, Aparente Street, General Santos City.

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