Coffeing at Starbucks Gensan: The Roast Spectrum

1:18 AM

I am a self-confessed "Coffee Addict".

Coffee just makes my day...I mean, CUPS of coffee make my day! A minimum of 3 mugs a day is enough to keep my adrenalin, bolts & brain nuts working.
I take my coffee seriously though I am not very particular about the kind of beans it came from or the process it went through. I only care about having it good in my cup, the way I like it: Hot when hot, Cold when cold, Perfectly Foamy but not full of foam!

That is why joining Starbucks* Coffee Roasting made me appreciate coffee all the more. Their candid manager Janice took us in a trip  through the Starbucks* Roast Spectrum giving us the chance to compare their coffee which was classified into three roast profiles: Blonde Roast, Medium Roast & Dark Roast.

Blonde Roast (Veranda Blend) is a lighter-bodied and mellow coffee that awakens the senses gently and delivers an approachable and flavorful cup with slight hints of roast. I think this is too bland for me though.

Medium Roast (Pike Place Roast) Coffees on the other hand deliver a smooth and balanced taste that is just perfect for everyday coffee break. This one is the right one for me. Not very intense. Just the right "earthy" taste. 

And lastly, the Dark Roast Coffees. Fuller-bodied and bold. The Italian Roast promises an intense and robust flavor. This one is too strong for me. 
The color of the beans should tell you how they were roasted.

Now that was one informative day to spend at your favorite coffee shop. Best part? Going home with a bag of beans! How cool is that! 

c to Poppyrazzi, Orman & Ariel

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