Turning Japaniza at SumoSam Gensan

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While everybody seems to dance with the Ramen Craze, I simply try to shy away from Japanese Resto knowing it could be a bit pricey for my pocket. 

So when my blogger friends and I were invited to try Sumosam at the Al Fresco of SM General Santos, I  said yes without batting an eyelash.

We were first offered Vegetable Ramen and Beef Niki Udon---both tasted delicious with hot and flavorful broth but I liked the former better.

 Beef Niki Udon 
Vegetable Ramen

Beef Sukuyaki was cooked table-side by the chef . They use "wagyu" which is tender and tasty, and expensive ( hehehe). You can savor the sweetness of the onions and Bokchoy is just yummy.

Here's a clip of the live demonstration. I'm sure you will hear our kulitan at the background.

I was half-way on my sukiyaki when Japan really hit me! Its California Maki time! I immediately salivated at the sight of those lovely rolls! I love maki!

And their Dynamite Rolls? It simply exploded with goodness! Just the right zing to it. Masarap! I love the crunchy malasuge skin sprinkled on top of the rolls. 

I have yet to try the other dishes. I would love to nibble on their salads very soon.

So next time you're at the Al Fresco of SM General Santos, why don't you have a taste of Japan? They have Bento Boxes available at P399.

Gone Japanese, I have.
Going Japanese again? I will....c')

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