The Sunday Famers' Market Habit

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My husband and I have recently developed a weekend habit of visiting the Sunday Farmers' Market at the Ramas Residence in Lagao, General Santos City.

Every Sunday, Ms. Rue Ramas, Lead Marketing Advocate of Corn Husk Craft Makers and Administrator of A Seed Grows in Facebook, opens the family garden from 7:00 in the morning to 12:00 noon. The Ramas Garden has become home to suppliers of fresh, farm-picked and mostly organic produce of vegetables, fruits , poultry and more!

One thing I like about the Farmers' Market is the absence of a wet, slippery and smelly atmosphere you'll find in the usual marketplace. Children can actually just run around the place while dear Mum completes her shopping list, and the price is friendly to the pocket too.


SFM  immediately became a hit among early morning joggers, church goers and FB likers. I usually find familiar faces doing a shopping frenzy coupled with excited tones of panic buying there---as if magkakaubusan ng mabibili ! (Hihihi)
Former Akabayan Rep. Mario Aguja 
with his beautiful bayong.

Engr. Hermon Hernandez
Asst. Mall Manager, SM General Santos

Tita Rue Ramas with Councilor Jeng Gacal
Ms. Theresa Napala
 Former Gov. Miguel Dominguez with charming daughter.
Shopping after running. Here with mah bodyguard, 
the Manager of Suncity Suites, Philip Pabelic

Pinoy delicacies like suman, biko , palitaw and binignit are also available for shoppers like me, who shops and dines at the same time! I especially love the Puto from Batchoy King. First -time shoppers almost always end up on an eating binge at the Farmers Market.
 Eggplants , onions and chorizos hit the grill

Devoured what we have bought from the Market!
My Gang! Great supporters of the SFM

The Sunday Farmers' Market has definitely become a must-go in this part of the City. So if you haven't been there yet, you better get your shopping bags ready before you hit the road to the Ramas Residence this Sunday.

Prepare to be delighted with a range of fresh and delicious good finds there!

The Sunday Farmers' Market is located in front of NDDU Ibed, Lagao, General Santos City. 

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