Nepal Earthquake: You can Still Help.

9:00 PM

Nepal was left grief-stricken after the massive destruction brought  by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake last April 25, 2015. Kathmandu's old city  reduced to rubble.

Photo from the web. C to owner.

This natural calamity has affected an estimated 7 Million people --2.8 of whom are children--needing urgent food assistance, clean water to drink,temporary shelters , sanitation and protection from disease outbreak.

The situation must be unbearable. It made me cry watching the news. My heart goes to the children who are always the most vulnerable in times of emergency. They need help.

A Unicef worker speaks to a child seeking shelter. 
Photo from the web. C to owner.

While people all over the world had already sent aid in different forms, I've read somewhere that help is still needed. WE CAN STILL HELP. Even in our littlest ways. Even if we are far from Nepal. 

Give to UNICEF. I just did.

Unicef is working around the clock, mobilizing critical emergency supplies. Thru them, we will be able to bring clean water, hygiene kits, medicines and even tent spaces to give temporary shelter to  families huddling together outdoors.

You may choose to send for any of the packages below or you can make a regular donation. Any amount sent is help going its way to Nepal.

Donate Now. If we come together, we can make a difference.

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