Ordinance No. 6, Series of 2015 Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of General Santos City

9:55 PM

Since it was officially launched in August 2015,  Ordinance No. 6 Series of 2015 , otherwise known as the Anti -Smoking Ordinance of General Santos City, it has already gained positive feed backs from the residents of the City especially the non-smokers. However, some residents felt that the ordinance lacked "Fangs" as people are still seen puffing like dragons openly in public.

Well, I think the scenario is about to change as Mayor Ronnel C. Rivera has ordered for the strict implementation of the ordinance. Currently, the office of the City Mayor is conducting a series of meetings with different stakeholders to present the  Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance and to enjoin every General in this effort to clean the air of Gensan for the future generation. The administration has high hopes of replicating the success the same kind of ordinance has reaped following its successful implementation in the City of Davao.

The Anti-Smoking Ordinance will apply to ALL constituents of General Santos City as well as transients and visitors regardless of age.The following acts shall be prohibited:
  1.  Smoking any tobacco product or using electronic device system, shisha, and the like in all forms of public conveyances, accommodation and entertainment establishments, public offices and buildings, school campuses both public and private, enclosed or partially enclosed places, public outdoor spaces, workplaces and government–owned vehicles except in the duly designated smoking areas within the territorial jurisdiction of General Santos City;
  2. Permitting, abetting, tolerating or knowingly allowing smoking in the restricted areas enumerated in Section 4.a of this ordinance;
  3. Obstruction or refusal to allow the entry of any member of the Anti-Smoking Task Force or its duly deputized enforcers into places mentioned in Section 4.a of this Ordinance;
  4. Failure to comply with the mandatory duties and obligations as enumerated in Section 5 as well as any other provision of this Ordinance;
  5. Selling of any tobacco product or electronic device system, shisha and the like to minors or buying cigarettes or any tobacco products or electronic devices;
  6. Tobacco advertisements in cinema houses where persons of minor age are permitted admission;
  7. Engaging minors in the promotion or advertisement of any tobacco product and an errand to buy any tobacco products;
  8. Selling and smoking of cigarette and other tobacco products inside or within 10 meters from the perimeter of the school campus are absolutely prohibited.
An Anti-Smoking Task Force has been created for the advocacy, implementation, monitoring and enforcement of this Ordinance, so don't be surprised if you get apprehended while you are slowly killing yourself.
Those who want to put the ordinance  to a test will face a fine of PhP 1, 000- PhP3, 000 or 1-3 month imprisonment or both, depending on the court. Business establishments violating the ordinance could be fined from PhP2, 000-PhP5, 000 and could face cancellation of their business permits. Not only will you be made to pay for the penalty, you will also have to submit yourself for a SMOKING CESSATION COUNSELING in accredited clinics and present a smoking cessation counseling certificate thereafter. Spell Hassle!

But, for those who STILL want to ENJOY the benefits of smoking and are working for a smoker's body as shown below, you can drive yourself home or find smoking areas as designated by the Anti-Smoking Task Force. By the way, smoking INSIDE your car is also prohibited unless you are parked within the designated smoking area.

Designated smoking areas in commercial and business establishments must be located in an OPEN-SPACE with no permanent or temporary roof or walls in an outdoor area 10 meters away from the entrances or exits. So if you really wanna puff without being issued a citation ticket, go ahead and sweat in out under the sweltering heat of the sun.

Statistical findings show that thousands of Filipinos smoking and inhaling secondary smoke have died of lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other smoking-related diseases. My dad, succumbed to Emphysema at the age of 58.He was a heavy smoker. Good thing my husband decided more than a year ago to finally drop the stick.


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  1. police of station 1 arrested me because i have a companion caught smoking...when asked if why i was detained he said he saw me smoking...iask him if he had evidence he had not..he just said thathif he says that he saw me then thats a crime....

  2. he pick a unlited cigarette....and point it was mine.....the ciggarette was a menthol and i reasoned that my ciggarettes was red malboro but he insist that it was mine....i pulled my case of ciggaretts to prove that i dont smoke mentholed cigars but still i was detained

  3. Hi Francis!

    Thank you for dropping by...I think that is not a very nice experience and Mr. Policeman could have done his part as law enforcer in the most appropriate way...did you file a complaint?