Mesa : Filipino Moderne Dining Experience

8:50 AM

Mesa : Filipino Moderne recently opened their branch at  SM General Santos City's Al fresco, joining several restaurants in the strip. At a glance, this new place will immediately catch your attention because of its interiors : seemingly giant crab-catching bamboo baskets nest in the middle of the restaurant with contrasting orange upholstery. Interesting!

The SoxBloggers were  invited to try their dishes and we were very much awed by the plethora of food prepared for just the six of us! Man, this is what you call a FEAST! 

They made us try three of their bestselling appetizers. I first dunked a beautifully "spooned" Fried Tawilis with Ripe Mango in my hungry chink and delighted to its crunchiness! The ripeness of the mango gave it an even more delightful taste. 

Then I went for  the Tinapa Roll Wrapped in Lettuce. I like how its smoky taste and the salted egg whet the taste bud...kinda different from the usual lumpiang shanghai though you might want to be a bit careful on each bite. Look out for some "tinik".

The third appetizer, Pomelo Salad with Latik , did not appeal to me very much. I just cannot seem to put together the taste that it should deliver. 

The Prawns on Butter and Salted egg was an instant favorite! But then again, who doesn't love Prawns? It's my forever love!

 I was still on cloud nine with my prawn when they wheeled in two varieties of SINIGANG: Pork and Bangus which both had sampalok (tamarind) and pinya (pineapple) as pampaasim. Both were soured just enough to tickle your taste buds.
 Sinigang na Bangus 

 Pork Sinigang

Mesa's pinakbet lacks the "Bagoong" feel but it's still delish. I like that they served the veggies crunchy.

 PATOTim is a must-try. Its meat was tender and very flavorful, and the sauce was thick and rich. I think my companions and I devoured it in a zap!

 Ahh...Meet Kaka (Kaka in Muslim is Kuya or Ate, an older sibling) and his Pork Binagoogan. This crispy pork and grilled eggplant in sweet and tangy shrimp paste is a winner.

Ginataang Sigarilyas. I love anything ginataan but am not a fan of  Winged Beans so I just let my gang judged it.

The Chef told us that Mesa  will soon be coming out with a dish especially for Gensan using a popular local ingredient : TUNA! We'll definitely watch out for that! All in all, my Mesa Dining Experience has been gastronomically pleasing. My lot and I went out with full and happy tummies.

Some photos here were lifted from KyrieMoon's Blog. Thankies  cotton candy!

Mesa Filipino Moderne, 
Fountain Court, Ground Floor, SM City General Santos, 
San Miguel St, General Santos City, 9500
Phone: 0917 327 637

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