Build Your Own Plan with SMART Postpaid Plans starting at P399!!

12:17 AM

Life begins at forty. Indeed, you start feeling all the signs : signs of aging, signs of getting bigger , etc. etc. I have just about joined team FA (forty-above, hahaha) and am already feeling the signs, ugh! So recently, I found myself enrolling at a nearby fitness gym to get me started with this "getting healthy" thingy and while I am happy with the program introduced by the resident instructor, I often find myself hungry for more demonstrations. Thanks to Youtube , I  get to watch fitness vids and get my enthusiasm burning---tho' not without a decent internet connection. :(

"Smart’s postpaid plans just got a major boost 
with the biggest data offers yet 
and a much simpler and easier way 
to build your very own postpaid plan 
starting at only P399 per month. "

Now , here is a good sign!!! This also means having BIGGER data allocation not to mention more free chat apps (FB Messenger, Viber and Whatsapp) plus, you get to send unlimited all net texts. Although you have the option to add a handset to the plan of your choice, #SmartPostpaidPlans let you BUILD YOUR OWN PLAN without getting you locked in a device or limited set of services so you can enjoy everything you want online , including  youtube enthrallment, anywhere I go! Lol!

"Smart’s new offers start at Plan 399, 
which now comes with 3GB data
 (up from the previous 1 GB data),
followed by Plan 599 with 5GB data (up from 4GB), 
and Plan 799 with 8GB data (up from 7GB)."

This is really neat especially if you are the wanderlust type who loves sharing to social media the beauty of the world around you. It's time to make every moment of every day BIGGER because with a smart postpaid plan, you also get to enjoy the country's fastest LTE speeds! Awesome! And the best part is, all you need to enjoy these and more is just a valid ID--no more of the usual application requirements. Practically anyone can upgrade to Line-only Postpaid Plan with just a valid ID! So what are you waiting for? Ugrade na!

Pili ka na ng plan that will work best for you. Meantime, imma try to do this side-plank properly.

Enjoy a much bigger mobile lifestyle now by getting a new Smart Postpaid Plan! Head to the nearest Smart Store or visit for more information.

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