DFAT 2017 Day 2 : A newbie's EATventure (The Saging Repablik and Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant Invasion)

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Hello peeps! Welcome to the day 2 account of my Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2017 EATscapade! DFAT is probably the longest running food and travel tour in the country and it's my first time to savor the experience. Today, your Chix just chewed on some leafy salad and a couple of sliced brown bread with a helping of yogurt for breakfast. I have to make sure I do some "poopsicle" to clean up the kangaroo's pouch! Ooops! Afterall, we do have some serious chomping to do today, ayt.

Smartphone, checked. Internet connection: Awesome! That's the best part in this #WhenInDavao trip : getting connected to the virtual world in a breeze , thanks to Smart's improved network! #ConnectedDavao is real! I can't wait for it to roll out to the rest of the country!

Anyway, back to DFAT. We are going bananas today, like literally. The chimps are headed to saginglandia!

DFAT DAY 2 Pitstop #1: Saging Repablik
Tiongko Street, Davao City

The name somewhat suggested some laidback-ish picture of a place selling all sorts of turon and banana-que with unlimited variety of dips to choose from. Much to my surprise, Saging Repablik was nothing like the place in my mind. The restaurant stands tall with its eye-catching, high-ceilinged  modern-industrial-rustic vibe.
It certainly did not disappoint. My lot enjoyed taking photowall selfies with their hilarious saging props. Look at me here: Ever recognize peeps on the wall behind me?

Aside from having a very instagrammable interior, Saging Repablik also offers a very good dining experience. Amazing how the owner creatively re-invented the humble banana and incorporated it to their designs and dishes' names. Their menu boasts of both your usual comfort food and some unusual dining fares  with a  nice twist of banana! Say for example, their version of Beef Pochero. The sweetness of saba blended so well with the thick soup and the oh-so-tender beef chunks.Another instant favorite here is their best-selling Banana Walnut Torte. And don't forget to grab a bottle of their fresh juices. I gulped down a pomelo.

#WheninDavao, make it a point to get lost in Saging Repablik. It's well worth a visit .

We left the place with happy tummies and with the pouch too full, the kangaroo is left with no energy to hop on for some city tour. Your Chix  joined half of the pack back to the hotel to catch up some power zzzzzzzz.

FB: Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant

I'm back from dreamland and am re-charged for tonight's rampa! Off to the next EATstination! ---nag-a-unlimited coin ako ng salita neto! Dinner is courtesy of a family-owned business based in Davao City which serves a wide variety of fresh seafood and filipino dishes : the Yellowfin SeaFood Restaurant. 

The place was jam packed when we arrived, a good sign that we are about to savor a deliciously davao dinner.( that is actually the restaurant's tagline :) Let's see if they live up to the expectation. Tara!)

Some friends came ahead of us and we found them already pigging on the appetizers. My, Yellow Fin's crispy crablet is an instant favorite! Oi, a cold bottle of beer plith!

And you have to try their baked scallop.You can choose to have it cheesy or garlicky, either way, I'm sure it will leave you wanting for more. And as for us tonight, MORE was served on our table! We joyfully feasted on their pinaputok na bangus, binagoongang baboy and seafood platter of grilled tuna belly, bagaybay, white squid, shrimps and guso salad.

During the bus trip to Davao yesterday, I made a mental noted to avoid rice. Marami naman nito sa amin, lol! You know, just one of my self-imposed rules to push my #MulingPagpapanggapProgram. (You are rolling your eyes! Saw you! Hahaha!) So within the course of tonight's meal, rice was served , of course. No, not the plain boring white rice. They call it "Pinangat Rice". The smell was very inviting it almost hypnotized me. Really. I conceded! Talo ang sibilyan. Rice pa plith!

That was one lavish dinner! And to finish it off, I ordered for a glass of guyabano shake. The fresh, sour-sweet flavor was familiar. Refreshing much! The best guyabano shake I have ever tasted so far.
We thanked our hosts for the warm accommodation but before we left, a mirror selfie first!

DFAT 2017 Day 2 was sealed with a shot of Bacardi. Partey! Day 3 is up in a few hours. Wait, is there a helicopter above me? Oh, hic! The pilot's tipsy!

Wanna know what transpired on DFAT 2017 Day 1? Take the tour HERE!

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