Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Pad Bares New Variant

8:36 PM

Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins has just rolled out their newest variant: the all-new Singles pad and I am just so excited about it! Proudly a Filipino product, Jeunesse continues to make the Red Fairy's monthly visits less stressful.

What I like most about the new Jeunesse Singles:

  1. It comes in a sleek and slim packaging.
  2. It easily fits in your purse, tote or even your jean's back pocket!
  3. Ideal for light to moderate flow.
  4. It features topnotch protection: maximum comfort, super absorbent and stays securely in place.
  5. It has #Anion strip just like all the other variants of Jeunesse!
  6. It only sells for P8.50 per pad and comes in a 24-piece box 
I have only been using Jeunesse for the past 3 months but I am so happy with the product. I mean it really delivers! Jeunesse Anion holds the top spot for its highly-absorbent quality. Each pad is made of virgin and sterilized pulp cotton material to ensure its pristine-clean and bacteria-free property, it also boasts tried and tested features for maximum comfort during the red days: top cover made of a special non-woven material for maximum comfort and softness, a super-absorbent polymer for superior liquid protection, a specially-designed back adhesive to keep the pad securely in place, a side-leak guard that helps prevent strike-through leaks, and breathable bottom layer to allow free flow of air, plus the health-enhancing anion strip that helps to reduce odor and  bacteria build up. 

Jeunesse Anion comes in five variants (six, if you will include the all-new singles pack) : ultra day non-wing, ultra day pad, ultra night pad, all-night pad, and panty liner to help every woman to go through their period with ease and convenience. It is available in Watsons and Mercury Drugs and other leading supermarkets nationwide. For hassle-free shopping with the convenience of free delivery straight to your doorstep, visit

Reclaim your freedom from menstrual discomforts and turn your monthly period into something #PositivelyBetter. Use Jeunesse.

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