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August just said hello by dropping me an invite to what would be my first try in food blogging. And I am just excited to know that I would be strutting down San Miguel Street to find where the king crabs are: GUSTEAU's CRAB HAUZ! Now I'm drooling!

I am no connoisseur but I sure know how to eat with GUSTO! and in this case, it's a gusto with GUSTEAU'S! I came to the place where a gigantic crab tickled the hungry knots in my stomach. Man, am I "not" excited to get my hands on those claws!

I got to the restaurant shortly before twelve noon and found it bustling with people: looks to me to be  a group of businessmen and families. Nice ambiance, I've noticed.

Shortly after the members of the Sox Bloggers came to join me in our table, a courteous wait staff approached us to inform that food will be served in a short while. ( As I did not take breakfast that day, my mind was actually screaming: "Yesshh, puhleaz!")

Ah! Not to be disappointed, the first platter landed on the table. Lo and behold! A red and beautiful crustacean laid down on a plate  smothered with  garlicky sauce found its way in front of me and my friends followed by his cousin, the slipper lobster. But that's not all, the waiter just kept on coming back to our table with a new dish to offer. Now this is one feast we should prepare for! So I put on my bib clasped on my weapons : spoon & fork, and readied myself for some chompin'!

The King Crab .  Succulent. P93 /100 grams
White Squid. Soft & Chewy. Inihaw just right.  P190
The Slipper Lobster. Luscious! P150/ 100 grams
Grilled Tuna Belly. Big-eye. Big Taste! Melts in your mouth. P75 /100 grams

Though known to be a crab and seafood restaurant, we were pleased to know that Gusteau's has new addition to their menu. Doki's Chicken was a pleasant surprise. It was crispy outside yet juicy inside and the honeyed flavor seem to linger in your mouth longer. For me, it was a hit! 

Doki's Chicken. Blockbuster & Finger-lickin' Good. Half: P120 Whole: P210
Grilled Pork Belly. P235
Shrimp & Vegetable Salad. Colorful , Fresh and Inviting. P280
I just have to set aside my weapons and battle with the king with my bare hands.
Ah! Got that claw! Lip-smacking!

After the group has finished wolfing down the feast set before us Gusteau's owner Mr. Allan Lopez, came to join us. It was our turn to thank our host for the scrumptious meal we all just had.Mr. Lopez shared with us the latest with the restaurant service. Gusteau's now offers Burgers and Sandwiches. Puto at Dinuguan too! They Also have a function room which can comfortably sit a maximum of 30 pax. And you will be happy to note that their prices are incredibly affordable.

So next time when you go looking for a  place to answer your cravings for crabs & seafood or hangout with your friends,or when friends & family from all over the globe visit you in GENERAL SANTOS CITY, why not make GUSTEAU'S CRAB HAUZ at the top of your list. Its located at the heart of the city, adjacent to the newly opened Greenleaf Hotel and just a stone's throw away from the major malls of the City.

Gusteau's, Its more than just crabs.

The sox bloggers: all smiles & bibbed striking a pose 
with the restaurant owner, Mr. Allan Lopez and restaurant manager, Ms. Donna
(photo credit to Cidy Bascon)

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  1. After falling in love with their crabs, it's time to check out their grilled seafoods and chicken!

    Superb! And yes, the ambience is great and the setting is now good for large groups.