September, Oh! September!

12:31 AM

Oh Hello there, September!

My brain is exceptionally hardworking today. Lemme see, it's up for recalling and recording the past events I've been busy with when your cold september breeze kissed me on the cheek.

September 6- opened up the new store of Shakey's Pizza Parlor in town. SPP is now conveniently located at the Al Fresco Strip of SM City General Santos. It greets you a with totaly new concept: a westernized feel, but offers you with the same mouthwatering choices of pizza, chicken, mojos and more!

September 7- soared high with the other DARNA's in GBG Gensan's Si Darna at Si Narda sa Makabagong Panahon Women Event: "Ding ang bato!" 

Spent one empowering day with lady generals at the Vancouver Hall of Sydney Hotel with a bonus treat of "Juana Change the movie" and with the real "Juana", Mae Paner herself sitting just half a meter away from me.

September 8- I've put on my shorts and my new pink singlet : went Tunarunning at the TUNA RUN 2013! Whew! Ako na talaga ang puno ng energy!

Went running solo this time. No kakampi. But mind you, I did finish the 5k run! Woot! woot! (well, of course i did it the running-walking way! hihihi)

Finished in 53 min. Dugaya Oi!

September 9- My little pirate has turned himself into a Fisherboy! Tuna Streetdancing: make way for the stage momma! Gosh, that parade thingy lasted for more or less 4 long gruelling hours! My legs were already nagging the hell outta me. I actually had a strong urge to just snatch my kiddo, stuck him down my bag and run straight home! Oh, you wish!!!

slamming some muffins on my hungry fisherboy

September 10- Shopping!Cramming! 
Shopped for frames and what-have-you. An anniversary celebration is up in the making! in kinabukasan?! Script-editing, presentation editing, Permit Processing...Gorabels lang!

September 11-Directed the SCFCCCI Volunteer Fire Brigade 3oth Foundation Anniversary. High heels mahmhen!

Lowbat na ang bida!

September 12- Went clowning with the Funnest Sox Bloggers for Lynette's Belated Birthday Bash at the Bigbeard's

Sinusukbit ko lang po si ANDREI sa tenga ng 
burtdi gurl na si Lynette!

Let out a shrieking singing voice at the anniversary blowout of Music City , too!

Ahhhh! Its just halfway through the show! Tingaling-aling! Before you knew it, OCTOBERFEST na! Thank you September for making my days a blast! See you on your next half! huff!huff! Energy! Energy!

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