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Well what do you know?! 
It's half way past the month of October!

I have barely felt September pass by and here you go, Octie, about to bid us goodbye, as well!

I say , October has been terrific so far!
For one thing,it's my birthday month, 
and its my son's and daughter's birthday month , too.
 Talk about celebrating good times , huh!

Well here are more reasons why the 10th month of 2013  spells Octoberific:

  1. The "Share Happiness" campaign video of my BOIS students was included in the happiness campaign segment of the Kapuso Mo , Jessica Sojo Show. Nothing beats the  feeling of being able to touch other people's lives. 
  2. Metal Empire reigned supreme in this year's Festival X Battle Royale. Despite being faced with "emotional" challenges among our members, metals showed malleability!Back to back Champions. Proud Momma to these kiddos.
  3. Its a working birthday for moi! Stressed out to the maximum level I may have been but as they say, its always sweet to reap victory ! We learn some , we beat some. Teehee!
  4.  I'm blessed with family , friends, colleagues and students who were there to greet me and wish me the best for mah burtdi.
    From my BOIS Kiddos who simply know what a coffee addict their mentor is!
    Awww, a burtdi serprise from my son. Thanks, Kuya!
    BMC is love!
    Tenchu much for the flowers, Poppy!
    Wearing a brand new wireless earphone from Tita Nitz 
    and looking very much like a call center agent! Hahahaha!

  5. GBG Gensan ranked # 1 in the Philippines! # 2 in Asia , and # 3 in the world! How great can that be!Proud member, yes I am, yes I am!

  6. As part of the BOIS Spread Happiness Campaign, we have recognized the unsung heroes of our school: The Student Assistants!

  7. Me running again in MILO's National Marathon before you, OCTIE, finally bids us all your sweet Goodbye!

    Looking forward to 

    I sure hope its going to be as fruitful and 
    as awesome as 

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