Flappy Bird: Gone Flipping!

11:27 PM

Have you gone flip with flappy bird?

Flappy bird is the newest game on smartphone which got people flipping. It stars an odd looking bird which seem to have the heaviest beak of all, a bulging eye and and a small wing he uses to flip his way through tubes. All you need to do is tap your android screen to navigate the darn bird all the way through the tubes without touching them.
It really sounds simple , right? Well that's a Nope with a capital "N" and a bonus Frown with a capital "F"! Flappy bird is going to try your patience and skills in balancing and if you're not so lucky, its gonna send your blood pressure off the roof as it did to my bossing Orman who normally has a long line of patience with his flock of angry Aves!
It even flipped Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis and Pokey! So why would anyone want to play this game? Okay! Because you just have too! Otherwise , Mr. Curiosity will haunt you! So I went sneaking into my secret nook and downloaded the app. 

Tap! Tap! Toink! Failed! Like seriously??? How can this game be sooo difficult? Hey bird! Makisama ka naman! But this is sooo Mario Brother-ish! How can I not score a mean "ONE"?
Okay, let's keep flapping! Pasasaan bat may mahihita rin ako sa iyo! Dahil pag hindi, UN-INSTALL lang ang katapat mo! 
As of this writing puma-flap pa lang ako till the 36th tube. Now tapping my thumb! Flippin' Freakin' Game this is!

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