IMA Little Red Riding Hood!

10:14 PM

Realization suddenly struck me. 
Oooops! Am I surrounded with red stuff 
or I am surrounded with red stuff? 
Teehee! Iam! Iam!
Maria Mercedes lang ang peg neto....from my bag to my wallet to my call cards! Addict lang?! I dunno why RED always turns me on. It doesn't fail to seduce me! 
Red is the color of Blood, of Rubies and of Strawberries..things I am not very much fond of.
Red is commonly associated with Danger. Anger. Fire.
But that's far from being me.
Red is also Love.
Red is Luck and Happiness.
Red is Christmas!
Red is me!
But why on earth am I flooding this page with RED?
No idea! Hahahah!
I just feel like doing so!

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