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General Santos City-News about SC (Supreme Court) upholding the constitutionality of a key provision in the controversy that is RA 10175 or popularly known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 rippled across different media from print to broadcast to social media and was gaining different reactions from the public.

Just another Juana Dela Cruz, the blogger in me screams that no matter how we debate about the Act's constitutionality at present, the fact remains that IT has now been declared enforceable! Least you can do now is be aware of its provisions and become more responsible about what you write and post online. As Raffy Tima stated, "Think before you click."

Am not saying that I'm all for RA 10175. I would love to enjoy freedom of speech to its fullness and still be able to honestly  say: "the coffee in this coffeeshop is not masarap" and not appear libelous! Gosh! I think that's absurd! Could you not take things constructively?...but then again, there's always a better way of expressing your opinion, how negative it may be. Me thinks.

I think there are still loopholes to some of the provisions and am not sure how well this will be implemented but  I would like to believe that the netizens are now more responsible these days.It pays to be a little more conscious & cautious though. After all, ignorance of the law excuses no one!

Guested with GBG Gensan Manager Avel Manansala and Atty. Cartojano
 at Hot Jersey's Program in Brigada News.
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