Alabel Kite Festival is Summer Fun!

8:21 PM

My blogger friends and I were invited to the 1st Golden Boy Herrera kite Festival in Alabel, Sarangani Province yesterday by no less than the First Lady of the Province herself , Ms. Michelle Lopez-Solon.

Despite the scorching heat of the sun, we gamely agreed to go and see em kites flying. Yesterday's was an open competition for kids and teens. Kites were made of light materials like newspaper, banana leaves and twigs but you'll be amazed at how creative these flying thingy had been made!

The sky was blue and the wind was blowing just right. Seems to me like no turbulence of some sort will fail the players to control their reel and set their kites steady up there. Spectators and kite enthusiasts were swarming around the kite zone not mindful of the blazing heat of the sun. 

Syempre, always the googly -giggly bunch of people that we are, the Soxbloggers had some fun under the sun too!

I think this tabanog (Kite in cebuano) and I are kinda meant for each other, teehee!
Look Orman! I caught her royal ganda everness!
Kite flying is indeed more fun in the Philippines, even if you're "only" holding the flyer for a photo-opt! Hahaha!

The competition is set for the adults division today(May 9). I bet sleds and rotor type kites are among those flying today.As of press time, our friend Ariel Lalisan (member of the organizing team) says the battle of sizes has just begun! A mean P50,000 is up for the grabs!

Kudos to Councilor Golden Boy Herrera and the team behind the First Alabel Kite Festival! Continue to set your sail with flying colors!....uhm, in this case, Gold would be it! Congratulations!

c to RS Dee, PoppyRazzi, Rain Rivera,GAP &Cocoy Sexcion

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