gDays General Santos Is Just a Few More Hours Away!

10:35 PM

It's back and it's almost here! Yep! Just a few more hours and we are ready to open the doors of SM Trade Hall1 to all excited gensan googlies.

Join gDays General Santos, the googliest gathering of Google Communities and Google Enthusiasts in South Central Mindanao happening on May 3, 2014 (yep, tomorrow it is!) So if you have already signed up, you better check out your emails for the confirmation notice from GBG. And dont forget to bring your ID folks!

gDays General Santos will also be the venue for the launching of GBG's most chic community, the GBG Women General Santos! I am sooo egzoited! Can't wait to see you tomorrow, girlfirends. It will be such an honor to welcome you to our very own community within the Google Business Group. And wait, momma's cooking up something for you! So see you there! Mwah!

GBG Women General Santos would like to thank Onajin Spa, Beestop Chicken Haus and Sushimoto
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