Goya Ganda

9:57 PM

Meet Goya Ganda,
our little dog from China!

She was just a month old when I got her as a gift. I had to put her in a blue paper bag when we went home from "China" and hushed her while we were in the trike. " Keep still, little one, otherwise I cannot smuggle you inside the mall!" Hahahaha! Had to meet some friends in a coffee shop on my way home that day, and besides, i needed to get her some milk, so!

This cute, lazy but pretty little thingy had us worried on her first day at home. We were all surprised when she started dragging her hind legs to move around the house.  She would make sea lion moves to go from one place to another. The poor thing is "pilay" oh no! Kawawa!  

The Sea Lion Pup

I asked the former owner about her condition. I was afraid baka napilayan xa when I placed her inside the paper bag! Gosh! Guilt started to crawl over me...

We were informed that the "lame-leg" episode is but a normal condition among the pup's furmily. Even the mommy dog and daddy dog went through the same stage daw. The feeling sea lion stage. It was a relief to know that in 3-4 months, this breed can actually stand, walk and run on all fours. 

We patiently fed her with milk , massaged her legs everyday and brought her to short walks so she can develop strength and endurance, especially the hind legs. 

At night, she would snuggle up Mama Bear for a good night's sleep.

Day after another, we would do the same routine. And thanks goodness, our patience paid off! Everyone in the house would scream with excitement every time we see our pretty pup either standing or walking a short distance...ON ALL FOURS! Yey!

Look ma, i can do it!
Kinda limpy tho' but I can do it!

And because we were traumatized when we lost our spotty puppy named "Cheeky"  to parvo virus, we made sure to get our Goya Ganda her dose of shots. 

Today, we are happy to note Goya's daily milestones. One day, we're gonna run,run,run!

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