The Bag Attack

1:00 AM

People would always throw me that  "What-in-the-hell-is-in-your-bag" look whenever I ask them to pass my bag over to me.  I  always respond with  a silly smile and am always ready to answer , "may kaldero jan!"

Sometimes, I also muse on why I always carry a heavy bag and there are  instances where I would  try to take some items out to lessen the weight. Needless to say, I never succeeded! I can't seem to find an item that I would be comfortable leaving behind...:)

The following pictures should give you an idea how loaded my bag is. Lez do some bag attack!

  • I got pens. Lotsa pen : white board pens, permanent pentel pens, ball pens, sharpie, highlighter, sign pens.

  • Intestines! ---err, cables and wires, power banks , extra batts and earphones. Surely you will agree with me when I say I just NEED to have em on my bag. Yeah?

  • All sorts of cards. Well, one needs to earn  points or keep a calling card handy for a fishbowl raffle. Teehee!

  • Pouches! 'Nuff to keep all sorts of papers: Certificates---GCs and an MC, class cards, receipts, notes and what nuts. 
      Oh, and it has to be "RED".

  • A Wallet and a checkbook. Minsan may laman, madalas ay magaan (dahil walang laman! Agaaaayyy!)

  • I always have a feat with them trike drivers and mall cashiers over loose change. So there! Barya lang po sa umaga, kahit sa gabi pa!

  • My ever dependable cute, little umby, royal blue fan, sussy (keys, lots of em), nail cutter, stapler and wire (opcors) 

  • A little vanity. Im happy just having my cologne, pang-mayaman na lotion from Orman, pressed powder, lipistik and alcohol ( arte lang?)

  • And how can I forget, a daily dose of thy vitamin C-Coffee!

With that, I bet you would ask me, will all of it fit inside my bag? Oh yeah! Sumakay ka pa!

How about you?
Are you ready for a #BagAttack?

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