The Prince Has Arrived

6:48 AM

Meet "Baby Bruno"
Our beloved Miniature Pinscher.
The Little Big One in the house.

April 24, 2014.
Everyone is excited.
Baby Bruno is finally coming home!
We're having our very own Minpin from Sir Orman!

Our hearts melted when we saw the cute little creature.Lahat nag-uunahang kargahin, kausapin, kalikutin na animo laruan ang munting tuta! What are we calling him? There goes the question.  But I already gave him a name, and its Baby Bruno!

Okay! I can hear violent reactions now. "He wont forever be a baby! Besides, Tito Daque already called him Booger!" Fine! So let's think of other names.

Since the poor guy is so tiny, we all agreed to call him Little. My children  however found it rather "sosyal" sounding. They dont want doggie names like Prada, Sky , Ice....they want kalsada sounding- masa/maton sounding ones instead. Like BOGGART! And so "Little" became "Lee Eat". Again, there was a call to change the seemingly "sosyally-spelled" name until it became: 

" LIIT "

Our tiny,shy and adorable Minpin. During his first few days at home, Liit would hide from the world, sneaking under the tables or behind the shoe rack. One day, when the youngest son left Papa Bear on the floor, the doggie slowly crawled towards the furry toy and buried his face on its legs. Ah! This marks the spot! 

Liit has brought so much joy to our  home. He has developed a certain kind of closeness to my children, especially to the youngest one, Miles Alexander.

Every time the son comes home from school, its Liit he would be looking for before anyone else. They would spend time playing throw and fetch or lie down on the floor to watch TV together.

Every body loves Liit. Poppy would patiently cook mashed squash for him when he was still a baby. His food and vanity  had become part of the budget. Ugh!

Ate would bathe him on weekends. And during the night, before we turn the lights off, somebody would scoop him up and bring him to bed.

The little guy has owned a big place in our hearts. 

The Prince has arrived.

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