General Santos Doctors Hospital : 46 Years of Healing through Compassionate Caring.

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General Santos Doctors Hospital celebrated its 46th Foundation Anniversary on December 8, 2016, alongside the celebration for the Immaculate Conception of Mary. The year 2016 has been a full of progress for the institution, both in structure and in service.

One of the landmarks of the year is the launching of the first Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in General Santos City on June 9. In the past, patients had to travel to Davao City to undergo MRI scans. Most often these come with a risk due to the stress of the travel and the patient’s condition. With the availability of an MRI machine in the city, health care outcomes for brain injuries are expected to improve immensely.

To support the needs of its patients, the hospital partnered with the Medical Express Pharmacy and opened a branch within the Medical Suites Building. Opened on July 5, patients had access to more affordable medicines backed with the pharmacy’s client follow-up system where they remind clients of their medication schedules through friendly phone calls.
At 46 years, GSDH continues its mission in improving the healthcare delivery system of the city. Two new in-patient care stations were opened on February 25(2E) and July 7 (3E), accommodating a total of 52 beds. This was tremendously necessary as hospitals nowadays are bombarded with patients waiting in line for room accommodations. 

GSDH has also kept reaching out, conducting Free Diabetes Risk Assessments and Medical Missions to various areas and communities like the Medical Suites Building, General Santos City Fish Port and for the residents of Baranggay City Heights held at the St. Michael Parish. The activity was able to help more than two hundred individuals and provided them the necessary information to a better healthy lifestyle. In the next year, these activities are expected to be conducted all year-round.  

With the approaching Foundation Anniversary, the GSDH Staff held its annual Coastal Clean-up Activity at Purok Minanga, Brgy. Buayan on December 7 as part of its mission to be stewards of the environment. The area is also where the staff invests in mangrove planting to facilitate the growth of mangrove trees that will help us against climate change.  
On the day of the Foundation Anniversary, the newly renovated Emergency Room was revealed and will start serving the community in 2017. The two additional in-patient care stations at the fourth and fifth floors of the hospital’s Building E will also open next year after final furnishings are done. On the same day during the foundation anniversary program, the improved company logo and corporate video was launched. As 2016 ends with promises for 2017, General Santos Doctors Hospital commits to fulfill them for the people and provide healing through compassionate caring at 46 years and beyond. (PR) 

The following facilities are also available at the Medical Suites building:

  • Eye Center
  • Health and Wellness Clinic
  • Cancer Center
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center
  • Multi-purpose Conference Hall
  • Xray OPD
  • Laboratoy OPD 

      The are still clinic spaces for lease so if you are interested, get in touch with General Santos Doctors Hospital at telephone number : (083) 250.2777 or email them at or visit their website at 

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