TGCI Wins BPI's Sinag Accelerate Challenge for 2016

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TGCI Making a Difference: BPI’s Sinag Accelerate Winner 2016
The Churner Group Inc. (TGCI) was among the 10 winners of this year’s BPI Sinag Accelerate challenge. The program aims to engage and uplift those at the bottom of the pyramid through the establishment of Social Enterprises. The BPI Sinag Challenge aims to discover, capacitate, recognize and support social entrepreneurs who can help uplift Filipino communities. Social enterprises that are ready to scale-up and expand, while deepening impact in community development.

Many barangays in SOCSARGEN are considered to be among the poorest areas in the nation, according to the Philippine Poverty Index. The project aims to provide a continuing livelihood program for the farmers and their families so as to earn enough money to put food on their tables three times a day, send their children to school, and eventually purchase a motor bike to be used for harvesting and/or delivery of coconut syrup.

The program also allows for the multi-culturally diverse workforce of Muslims, Christians and Indigenous People (Tboli, Blaan and Manobo) to continue working side by side in one facility. The production of coconut sugar in Tupi, South Cotobato is also a joint project between TCGI and the Mindanawan Coco Sugar Corporation comprising of MNLF rebel returnees sustaining the current peace and development initiatives in the area.
Income on the countryside.
Since  vast coconut trees were found on the countryside, income opportunities await the farm owners, tappers, and those without income by engaging in tapping or cooking of coco sap. Many indigenous people, even without formal education, get trained and engaged in the enterprise. 

Wellness. Diabetes is the number one killer according to the World Health Organization. 1 out of 11 people are diabetic. Generally, only 50% of these people know they are diabetic. Coconut Sugar is a low-glycemic index sugar, hence it is an ideal sweetener and sugar substitute beneficial for people with diabetes or watching their sugar intake. The market for coconut sugar is increasing locally and globally.

Stewardship.Areas are being converted to organic as required in the organic certification. No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers will be used.(PR)

Business Opportunity
1.       TCGI is expanding and looking for dwarf coconut plantation to be rented; 
2.       Looking for tappers to tap at least 25 coconut trees a day;
3.       Buying coco-syrup.

Please keep in touch with Mr. Danny D. Sabino, Plant Manager at 09175543869 or you may also visit them at their Tupi Facility Plant, Brgy. Palian, Tupi, South Cotabato.

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