DFAT 2017 Day 1: A newbie's EATventure! (Annipie. Coffee Grounds. Lachi's.)

12:29 AM

I have been working my arses out the past two weeks trying to shed off some weight and for good. Alas! Smart, the country's fastest LTE, invited us, selected SoxBloggers to join other bloggers/ vloggers and social media influencers from the cities of Manila, Cebu, Davao and  General Santos to experience the 10th year of prolly the country's longest running and most awaited food and travel adventure:  Davao Food Appreciation Tour, more popularly known as DFAT---and you know what that means!

This is going to bring my calorie intake to an all-time high but who am I to miss  such a pleasurable  gastronomic adventure? Not everybody gets to be counted so pack my bags I did, putting my  #MulingPagpapangapProgram to a major halt! 😁 chos!

I say we slayed the 1st day with the first pitstop successfully satisfying the tastebuds of a first time- DFATourist that I am.  Annipie Bakery and Cafe  brought us to cloud 9 with their  pies , cinnamon buns and more!

ANNIPIE ECOLAND Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City
FB: Annipie – Your Cinnamon Destination  IG: @annipie_dvo 

Annipie looks very relaxing inside. I love the homey feel of this charming place not to mention the many options they offer you to pig on! Annipie is best known for their mouthwatering signature cinnamon rolls but their delectable pies and luscious cakes  are something you shouldn't miss.

And for someone who has just jumped out from a 3-hour bus ride, Annipie's generous serving of Seafood Lomi and Crispy Palabok (yep! puffed up, cripsy noodles) spelled comfort. Burp! 

  Next stop, Coffee Grounds. I was expecting an easy coffee break just enough to win us some tummy spaces for our 3rd pitstop in time for dinner. Lo and behold! Flavorful dishes came parading for us to devour!
COFFEE GROUNDS  Ground Floor, Golden Lion Dormitel Roxas Extension, Davao City
FB: Coffee Grounds Davao  fb.com/CoffeeGroundsDavao IG: @coffeegroundsdavao

 My caffeine fix for the moment : Cold Macchiato! Perfect to cool you down in this hot and humid day. As the DFATters were busy chatting about and doing their own thing (editing, posting,vlogging , romancing with fb live --all thanks to Smart's improved network, internet connection is such a breeze!), I was mentally counting the calories I earned from the 1st pitstop. ( Aww! Now, dont roll those eyes on me, beybih!) So just imagine my heart smiling when the barista brought in a platter of Chef's Salad. Crunchy veggies and very good vinaigrette! Eto na, after the healthy churva, here comes the egglet waffle with a scoop of vanilla ice cream . Oh, heavens! Tabang mga langit!

coffee grounds chef's salad
coffee grounds egglet waffle

Last stop for the night was a feast of sumptuous dishes from Lachi's Sans Rival Atbp. Comfort food at its awesomeness! I especially love Lachi's Laing and Unforgettable Pork Ribs. Fingerlickingly good!👌👌👌

FB: Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp fb.com/LachisDavao #LachisDavao

Lachi's Unforgettable Pork Ribs
Lachi's Beef Mechado
Spicy Tofu in Coconut Milk
Lachi's Laing

Capping the night was a sinful array of dessert. Arrrrgh! Locals say Lachi's version of sans rival is unrivaled . I  just have to oblige. Charot! Goodness !
Lachi's Sans Rival

And what better way to share my joy for this delightfully filling experience but with my trusted SmartBroLTE! Amazing how fast getting virtually connected is when you're in Davao City! Zing! Oh, and did you know that Smart Bro LTE pocket wifi is now offered at a more affordable price? Price tag's down to P1445 from the original P1995.

Meanwhile, I'm done with my morning rituals and  thy gears are ready for today's battle of the fork & spoon. It's Day 2 of DFAT2017!

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