Koronadal City Hosts 1st Motorcycle Festival and Attempts to Break Guinness World Records

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All roads led to SOX as hundreds of motorcycle riders and enthusiasts around the country converged for the 23rd Annual Motorcycle Convention and the 1st Motorcycle Festival that was held in Koronadal City in the Province of South Cotabato, highlight of which was the attempt to break Guinness World Records on the largest parade of motorcycles, the most number of motorcycle engines started and the most motorcycle horns sounded simultaneously.

My eyeballs literally jumped out from their sockets the moment them "toys-for- the- big- boys" drove around town carving smoothly along the curves and corners of the highways. I can't help but drop a jaw in awe. Aww, the vrooom-vrooms are nothing but eye candies to me! Ay ka-pogi eh! ( Channeling Andeng!)

Here comes our first rider. Photo by : Shem Torre Longakit, CCSP

India currently holds the record of the largest parade of motorcycles with 1,700 participants inked on the pages of Guinness while RP holds the record for  the most number of motorcycle engines started and the most motorcycle horns sounded simultaneously with 1,400 participants gathered at the Mall of Asia some years back.

Mayor Peter Miguel of  Koronadal City, also the President of the National Federation of Motorcycle Clubs in the Philippines (NFMCP), mentioned that organizers were hoping to get at least 2,000 registrants but lo and behold! More than 3,300 motorcycle riders and enthusiasts revved up to convert the long stretch of the General Santos Drive into a sea of white-topped bikers in the morning of April 29, 2017 with the famous Big Five of the motorcycling world very well represented. All check for Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. But of course, I got my eyes on some very handsome BMWs and Ducatis, too!

Sea of White. Captured by : Shem Torre Longakit, CCSP

Registration opened as early as 5:00 in the morning and took around three hours to accommodate this throng with the Guinness Team making sure that parameters set by GWR were met and participants  each given a RFID-ready wristbands.

A big number of spectators, locals and tourists alike, gathered within the event vicinity all excited to witness the country's official attempt to steal the record from India and to break our own record. I guess the early morning wake up call to the tune of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake brought this multitude here. Thankfully, nobody got hurt during the shake.


The Local Government of Koronadal City together with the Department of Tourism Region 12, led by the ever hardworking Regional Director in the person of Ms. Nelly Nita Dillera,  jointly spearheaded what was dubbed as the biggest motorcycle show in the country, bannering the theme, "Ride for Culture, Ride for Peace" hoping to show the world that Mindanao is actually a magnificent place to ride in, live in and do business in.

A convergence site in Malungon, Sarangani Province and pit stops in General Santos City and the Municipalities around Soccsksargen were set up to offer water and local delicacies to bikers passing through ---an opportunity to showcase the hospitality and diversity of the people as well as the beautiful portrait of nature in this part of Mindanao.
 Creation of  Ivan Raborar, Captured by Shem Torre Longakit, CCSP

DOT Region 12 also hosted a sumptuous dinner for the participants, guests and stakeholders of the National Convention spreading out the Flavors of SOX on the table : from the freshest tuna of Gensan to the sweetest fruits of Tupi. Guests were also entertained by a wonderful cultural show featuring the talents of the region including the amazing collections of Ivan Raborar, a fashion designer who hails from Koronadal. A grandiose display of fireworks made the celebration even more spectacular.

Bombastic fireworks light up the sky during the Flavors of Sox Dinner hosted by DOT 12. 
Photo by : Shem Torre Longakit, CCSP

A Unity Convergence Ride from Koronadal City all the way to Lake Sebu followed right after the official attempt to break the Guinness World Record giving the bikers more time to explore the breathtaking places of South Cotabato, enjoy a breath of fresh air and feel the warmth of its people.


With the happy faces and positive feedback from the convention's participants, we are optimistic that Koronadal will not only be victorious in its attempt to break a world record but will also be triumphant in positioning SOX  (SoCCsksagen) as the next "Best-place-to-go-to" for all the wandering souls who hunger for a new destination! Masaya dito!

 As for me, I wish to express my gratitude to DOT 12 and LGU Koronadal for inviting me to their Media Tour - it felt like a homecoming of sorts! Hahaha! I immensely enjoyed meeting new friends and  wandering around SOX, albeit fleetingly. Making a mental note to come back for more!

Special shout out to Master Shem for giving me 
permission to use his photos.
 Mine got wiped out. Ugh! My heart!

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