My Funny Mommy Momenti

6:09 PM

Ever had that silly-mommy moments? They say becoming a mom doesn't come with a package instruction and somehow, this mother's instict thingy drives us mudras to do stuff we would one day be laughing about.  Everyone's entitled to a serving of hilarious scenarios in a lifetime, anyway. Well,hello May! It's almost mothers' day and I can't help but look back and let out a  grin at the thought of my own funny mommy momenti!

Air-drying used diapers.
Yes, I always notice passers-by taking a second look at my clothesline back then. Why wouldn't they when gel-less diapers are left hanging there to dry up together with other baby stuff?! Well I actually thought it was street smart! 😜Teehee! I would normally take out the gel from the soiled diapers of my baby and wash clean the plastic cloth, making sure that the cotton lining remains intact and the belt still elastic. Remember Kimbies? The diaper brand whose free belt doubles as headband of mommies, too! Never tried it tho'. Once dried, I would tuck in a neatly folded cheese cloth lampin ready to be used by my baby during daytime. I actually saved some bucks by doing this! 1) I dont get myself wet whenever he pees while I am carry him (meaning di nakakadagdag ng labahin, therefore tipid sa sabon!) 2) Blankets stay dry in case he wets himself .
Tip: Of course you need to make sure that you change into a fresh one to keep baby clean and dry.
No, not shoplifting! Hahahaha! I had this side-splitting habit of pretend-shopping before! I would deliberately fill a cart with stuff that I could only buy in my dreams! Lol!Like I would fill my cart with big sizes of Zwitsal baby products: from powder to lotion to baby wash! Big packs of the most expensive baby diapers, biggest can of the most expensive milk, etc.etc. Imagine me spending my time meticulously shopping for the best items from the baby lanes in the supermarket. Meyemen! Tapos, once happy with my make-believe shopping, I'm gonna leave my cart in one corner and get a shopping basket for the real thing! Tapos, uwian na!
Karton Krib ni Kuya.
Experienced bringing babies in the office because yaya cannot be RICHED? Translation: Bitbit baby kasi walang pambayad sa yaya! Yep! Been there!☺I was quite lucky because our office back then has purchased a brand new unit of Risograph and oh what a good material it's box was made of! Just perfect for a makeover karton krib! I can still recall  Atty. Torres blurt out, " may bata dito!" (There's a baby here!)

Rock a Babay-Baby.
Yung uso ang duyan-kumot to put your baby to sleep. You sing a lullabye while you swing the DIT hammock to and fro till the poor bloke falls asleep sucking his thumb, or if you're not lucky, you go and fly to dreamland before the baby does!

One day, I was trying to put my baby boy to sleep and so I was swinging the duyan and singing at the same time. The swinging motion must have hypnotized me untill I noticed that the duyan seemed light. EMPTY DUYAN! Aguy! Nahulog na pala ang baby! Mabuti na lng, he landed on the bed. Whew!

The early years of motherhood was tough, but heck! Nothing like a badass mom would rock! Lol! How about you? Any funny mommy-stories you want to share with us? To all confidently beautiful, harworking, loving , caring, passionate, supportive,best-ever-moms-in the-whole-world like me, Happy Mothers' Day!

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