Happy Mother's Day, Mrs. Brown!

6:36 AM

Smart Communications Inc.  recently rolled out their #MothersDay video and the message did not fail to hit the nail on its head. Spot on! A gentle reminder for all of us  who are too busy chasing the red light living in the concrete jungle to even make time for our love ones.

It's a bed weather  today and  I cant help but be abstracted as I sit alone in my cold office.The liquid sunshine seem to pull me back to random memories and  suddenly I found a virtual portrait of my Mommy in my mind- my Daddy's Whitney Houston, my Daddy's "Mrs. Brown".

It's been years since my siblings and our respective families lived separately from Mommy and although she keeps a humble hut just a few blocks  from where I live, I seldom find time to even have a cup of coffee with her. Come to think of it, when was the last time I went there ba?

My subconscious mind, coming to my defense, blames it to my "busi-busihan" schedule. Kesyo I got my hands full of "trabaho here and trabaho there", kesyo I need to burn candles at both ends so we can survive and cover for various monthly bills.  Minsan naman, when Mommy suddenly appears at the doorstep, I would be running late for a meeting so a quick kiss on the cheek would do and "Babay, Mi" na agad. There are also times when she would come over and root out all the grasses from the front yard under the scorching heat of the sun and we would end up bickering till one of us walks out from the squabble.

Ascending from my thoughts, I found myself checking on my messages and felt a pang of guilt reading through our exchanges. The last text I sent her was to ask her to keep my daughter company  while my husband and I were away - exactly one month after her last text wishing me luck and telling me she loves me. 😯

Have I been that busy? All these time, Mommy has been there. She has her share of shortcomings as a mother, but my siblings and I cannot deny the fact that Mommy tried to be there in every milestone of our lives. And all these time, I might have thought that filling a basket full of groceries for her from time to time  will compensate for the lousy job I perform as a daughter. Gaaaahd!

Mommy aint savvy at all . She doesnt dig facebook but thank God she knows how  to text and call (lol!) Its a good thing how Smart , the country's leading tele-communications company, makes it possible for us to connect and re-connect with our love ones in a breeze.

Few months from now and Mommy will be turning 75 years old.  I love you, mommy! And even though I dont say it nearly enough please know that I am truly grateful for the gift I have in you . I pray that you will stay in the pink of health always and I wish we could celebrate each day as if its mother's day everyday...

Dont forget to watch Smart's Mother's Day video guys and let's all give time for our moms, not only on Mothers Day, #likeneverbefore.

Calling Mrs. Brown now...

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