Try Again!

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So this is my second attempt at Blogging.
I hope I can get this engine
Running for a long time,
If not forevah.

I still haven't figured out
What particular topic 
I'll be scribbling about.
I wanna give blogging a second try.
And see if it works for me.

Its gonna be
Anything & everything under the sun.
Facts. Fiction. Fantasies.
Real. Reel. Surreal.
Whatever that tickles my fancy.
So good luck to meeh!

basically a no-nonsense gurl ( whue?)...happy and gay most of the time. i looove coffee. i love beds and pillows. i used to have fetish over Cotton Buds and I still dunno why! i'm fond of wearing pajamas...kahit tanghali!...

working on different events here & there powers me up!