Freedom from Fear-dom

2:02 AM

When we left the house last June 12, 2013, ABS-CBN  President Charo Santos was saying : " Araw-araw, meron tayong magagawang serbisyong pampubliko para sa Pilipino" during the station's Independence Day Flag Ceremony.

And I said, " This is it! This is really is it!". Poppy had actually convinced me to participate in our BATCH PROJECT not as a partner, but as a Blood Donor. I have read the FAQ's of Blood Donors and tried to follow as much as I could: Had a good night's sleep, took plenty of fluids , had a hefty breakfast & ( though not included in the list of "to do's") summoned for strength -talawan lang ang peg.

When we got to the Barangay Hall of Dadiangas East, where the Bloodletting is held, we had our names listed and were asked to fill up some Donor's Form. Afterwhich we were pre-evaluated. I thought, I am just a few steps away from conquering my fear...egzoited!

I actually got cleared in all of the questions until the next one: " When was your last menstruation , Maam?"...And I said, the last day was just 4 days ago. BOOM! Barometer dropped to zero:"Sorry Maam, but you can't be a donor. Kailangan at least 7 days past your last day po for you to qualify as a donor."

Okay fine. Relieved or disappointed? I would say both. 

Sus, plastikan pa ba? Hadlok kaayo ang needle oi! Hastang Taasa!

Somehow. Kasi I was not able to conquer my fear of donating blood.Pero PROUD WIFEY ang lola mo because Poppy was able to donate for the 4th time (yet only the first time for him to get a Donor's Card. The first three kasi were needed right there & then.)

My Batch mate & Co-officer SHEILA ALELIGAY and I  share the same situation (bled like any woman would normally do!) so we assisted in the process instead ( that's what we were there for, in the first place!) 

Together with Abraham Sevilla, Robert Patun-og, IVY & Kenneth ( Of MSU Batch '97) we distributed "I BLED" shirts and snacks ( prepared for by APO Society MSU Chapter) and entertained the donors while they where being squeezed -off ( hehehe).

Poppy & I left a little after 11AM and by that time, we already catered to more than 10 donors...that would be 500cc each of blood which will hopefully be able to help save lives.

What a way to celebrate the Independence day!
Though I was't freed from the fear of being a blood donor myself, it was actually spent memorably.

"Bleed that others may live" is a joint project of MSU HS Batch '80, '93, '97, 
Dad. West Elementary School batch '89, APO Society MSU Chapter 
and Barangay Dadiangas East.

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