Getting Googley-goo!

9:09 PM

I am one untech woman....nope, not antique. 
Yes, you got that right, UNTECH.
As in not a techie.

In fact, I have just recently been acquainted to:
I mean, I do I have an existing and if I may say, 
active google account.
I use it to send & receive communications.
Just that. Plain and purely "that".
Until i got....


Thanks to Aileen Apolo-De Jesus 
for dissecting the whutnots & whutsits of Google!
And so WOW (Women on the Web) went on Google Anatomy Plunging.
Suddenly, I started to appreciate the G-world!
Gee, eto pala yun!
Awesome! Manul lang? heehee!
So now, I am...


WOOOT! O, ha?!
Tenchu much to Kuya Avel & Ms. Chelle for making me
A part of the Google Business Group -Gensan
There's still so much to learn  in this new and wonderful world
of Techies, and I'm so excited to be

                       Going Googley-Goo!

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Google!!!

    Thanks for joining us in this new journey! :D

  2. many thanks to you again Kuya! Mwah!

  3. Thanks for the awesome post. Keep blogging and learning more new things!

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