To Bleed or not to Bleed

6:49 PM

I have always admired those who have donated blood : men in uniform, muscled men, brave women,etc, etc, including my husband who had already shared some pint of his precious Type A blood to two people who were pinned down by dengue and to her sister who died of Cancer.

I have thought of being a donor myself at one point or another, but the mere sight of the needle makes my knees soft like a marshmallow already. Ngek, good luck na lang ug dili makuyapan!

Nevertheless, I have always been supportive of these undertakings. I believe it means a lot be able to save lives with drop of blood ( well, drops of it actually) but did you know that you actually benefit from Bloodletting too? Bloodletting may lower cardiovascular risk as removing blood could help improve blood pressure, lower cholesterol and drop blood glucose in obese patients with metabolic syndrome. So there! You help save others and you help yourself too!

I still need to summon all the angels and saints to convince myself that I can do it! Ohhhhh...but bleeding or not, expect me to be there in the flesh as Mindanao State University High School (MSU HS) Batch 80, 93 & 97 in partnership with the RED CROSS ( Dad. East Chapter), Dadiangas West Elementary School (DWES) Batch 89, APO Society (MSU Chapter) and Barangay Dadiangas East bring you a Bloodletting Project dubbed as : 

on June 12, 2013 @ 8:00 AM 
at Dadiangas East Barangay Hall, General Santos City.

So if you wanna know what it takes to be a Blood Donor, 
please click the link below and get the answers to your questions :

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