Coffeing at Starbucks Gensan: The Roast Spectrum

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I am a self-confessed "Coffee Addict".

Coffee just makes my day...I mean, CUPS of coffee make my day! A minimum of 3 mugs a day is enough to keep my adrenalin, bolts & brain nuts working.
I take my coffee seriously though I am not very particular about the kind of beans it came from or the process it went through. I only care about having it good in my cup, the way I like it: Hot when hot, Cold when cold, Perfectly Foamy but not full of foam!

That is why joining Starbucks* Coffee Roasting made me appreciate coffee all the more. Their candid manager Janice took us in a trip  through the Starbucks* Roast Spectrum giving us the chance to compare their coffee which was classified into three roast profiles: Blonde Roast, Medium Roast & Dark Roast.

Blonde Roast (Veranda Blend) is a lighter-bodied and mellow coffee that awakens the senses gently and delivers an approachable and flavorful cup with slight hints of roast. I think this is too bland for me though.

Medium Roast (Pike Place Roast) Coffees on the other hand deliver a smooth and balanced taste that is just perfect for everyday coffee break. This one is the right one for me. Not very intense. Just the right "earthy" taste. 

And lastly, the Dark Roast Coffees. Fuller-bodied and bold. The Italian Roast promises an intense and robust flavor. This one is too strong for me. 
The color of the beans should tell you how they were roasted.

Now that was one informative day to spend at your favorite coffee shop. Best part? Going home with a bag of beans! How cool is that! 

c to Poppyrazzi, Orman & Ariel

The Reason

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Lord, thank you for the rain.
I hope it will wash away the pain.

Take away my anger
Which pains him like a dagger.

Help me move forward
Coz my heart is just so hard.

Let them have another chance
When the sun comes back to shine.

Give them a good reason

To look forward to a new horizon.

photo from the web. c to owner

Have a Beestop Blowout to Celebrate your Graduation!

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T'is the season for Toga's and Diplomas. Hurray to the graduates of 2014! You've made it, now it's time to party!

And to celebrate this milestone, Beestop brings you their latest offering: The 2014 Graduation Combo Fiesta! With Beestop, celebrations need not be expensive. Enjoy a generous serving of  their Graduation Combo for only P300 with your choice of the following:

  • Half Chicken ( Home style or Garlic Chicken)
  • Pancit Canton or Bijon Guisado
  • 2 servings of Sweet Treats ( Leche Flan or Macaroni Salad)
  • 2 glasses of Iced Tea or Pineapple Juice
  • Unlimited Rice for 2

The Graduation Combo Fiesta

 Beestop Garlic Chicken up close
 Beestop Bijon Guisado
 Beestop Pancit Canton 
Beestop Mango Float

And what's good about it is that you can enjoy the very same combo meal by dining in at Beestop with or without a graduate! Aha!

Promo is good only from March 23- April 16, 2014. So what are you waiting for ? Basta celebration, Beestop na! Basta Beestop, sure na masarap! Kain muna!

The SOXBloggers at Beestop.

Beestop currently has four branches: Beestop Laurel-Roxas Gensan, Beestop Calumpang-Gensan, Beestop Sta Ana- Davao City & Beestop Batangas. Visit the branch nearest you now! Beestop is owned and managed by Ms. Charlene Coroza, a practicing Culinarian from Gerardo's Schol of Arts and Cake Decorating, Inc.

And then there was Pinocchio!

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Years ago I cried
Because I carried a life
In a tummy I want to hide.

I stumbled and fall
Had  a few people to call
But my Dad stood tall.

It was a bumpy ride
With roller coaster on the side
And I have to brave the tide.

I fought life's challenges
Even with some loosen hinges
I managed to find success.

A lot of promises I made
Even though many has fade
Its my self, I always try to persuade.

And then I found happiness
A bliss I thought that is countless
Forever it will be my fortress.

I enjoyed the chatter
Even the frequent clutter
From my little toddler.

The boy was a wonder
To us and his grandfather
He fills us with laughter.

One day I made him say
A promise for him to obey
Which will make me happy someday.

His words I treasure
For it will be my pleasure
To find him a good future.

But now I cry
Because of a lie
That let out a heavy sigh.

I feel outraged
I feel betrayed
I feel a lot of hatred.

I cannot accept it.
I feel bad about it
I just cannot take it.

How could he?
Why would he?
LIE! Its what he did to me.

To forgive I can try
To forget I will first die
My heart is broken and dry.

Jollibee Kitkat Mix-ins: A Sweet Treat for a Sweet Tooth

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March 18, 2014. General Santos City. 

Caught in the middle of appointments?
Urgent matters to attend to?
A highway of things to do?
No time for me time?

Have a #jollybreak!

Jollibee comes up with the sweetest break just in time to greet the summer sun! Here to stay for a limited time, Jollibee combine chunks of the famous Kitkat "Have-a -break" chocolate wafer bar and their signature creamy vanilla soft-serve in a Yummy Sundae Mix-in!

I had the chance to savor this baby just recently. Thanks to Ms. Dice for the invitation. I must say that I enjoyed my Tuesday #jollybreak. 

Jollibee Kitkat Mix-ins is the perfect dessert to go with your favorite Champ & Fries as well as their other meals with rice!

So what are you waiting for? Make break time more enjoyable with a Jollibee Kitkat Mix-ins. Enjoy this scrumptious treat only for P38.00. Visit the Jollibee store near you now!

The Captain's Journey

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I had the pleasure of polishing a poem dedicated to Mr. Domingo Tan Teng for his retirement party. I even had the honor of reading it for Sir Doming in front of an estimated crowd of 350: just some of the people whose lives he has touched.

Before the poem was read, his children spoke about the father that he is and listening to them made me realize how aptly the poem was lettered.

 Allow me to share the poem that encapsulated who the captain was for the many men and women he has shared his life with for the past 50 years.


Kuya, the time has come
For you to bask under the sun
Enjoy life to the fullest
And still be at your cutest.

It’s time to put your family on top
Be with Ate Jean round the clock
Travel as you wish or swim like a fish
Kiss the mist and grant her bucket list!

50 years of success is quite a feat
Anybody would find difficult to beat!
A great leader that is who you are,
We learned a lot because of your big heart.

And now you will retire
Not because you are an old tire.
But the world is so inviting
To a man who is so inspiring.

So many concerns,
You helped us discern
Coz you are sure to resolve
Any issues we cannot solve.

The organization has grown beyond your imagination
Thanks to your hard work & so much devotion
 Thank you for the way you take the lead
We will surely call you should there be a need.

Your concern to our welfare
Is nothing to compare
For we would be bare
If you were not there.

You are a humble leader
To a million follower
Pushing us  always to give our best
Thinking of others over the rest

Thank you for your guidance
For keeping us all in the line
And for the soft words of wisdom
When some chips are down.

You encouraged us and praised us
With mistakes you did not scold us
You knew when to turn up the necessary heat
When we could have missed a very sure hit.

From all of us who have known you
From the youngs and olds, here and far from you
From the high seas, to the highways
We wish you good health along the by ways.

THANK YOU SO MUCH our Dear Kuya Doming
To us, your legacy will forever be enduring.

Tibiao Fish Spa: The Ticklish Fun is here!

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General Santos City.

Are you ready for an exciting exfoliating experience? Antique's famed Tibiao Fish Spa is now in Gensan! Located at the ground floor of SM, this newly opened wellness spa offers a giggly encounter with thousands of theraFISHts!

Tibiao Fish Spa uses hybridized species of fish to feed on your feet's dead layers of skin keeping them soft and smooth while stimulating pressure points to relax the body and help relieve it of stress.

The first few seconds of dipping your weary feet into the fishful tub sends a tickling sensation that is sure to let out  occasional shrieks. We all know that laughter is the best medicine. It relaxes the heart and boosts our immune system. Now that's another benefit that you can enjoy with this wonderfully skittish experience!

Tibiao Fish Spa in SM Gensan has 3 tubs. Each tub can comfortably accommodate 6 persons. A size good enough for a small barkada or family to bond and share tickles and giggles.

An introductory price of P199 gives you the pleasure of a 30-minute fish spa and 5-minute foot massage. Whole body massage services will also be offered in this facility.

As of this writing, word about this FISHtastic new place in town has gone swarming across the Generals. So don't be left behind! Visit Tibiao Fish Spa in SM General Santos City. The ticklish fun is here!

If you like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with the Tibiao Fish Spa founder/owner, please call or text Flord Nicson Calawag at 0917-635777 or e-mail the management at Tibiao Fish Spa in General Santos is franchised by Mr. & Mrs. Roberto E. Benedicto.

ABBAMania live in Lagao Gym!

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Get those shoes ready, you Dancing Queens! 

ABBAmania is coming to town for a live concert not to be missed! This all-Canadian tribute band is all set to relive the legendary hits of ABBA in Mindanao's biggest indoor stadium: The General Santos City Gymnasium ( more popularly known to locals as "Lagao Gym") on March 30, 2014.

Being one of the world’s best-selling brands, with over 400 million records sold worldwide and selling 2 to 3 million records every year, it is such a living proof that Abba’s music is very much influential and popular in the music scene up to this day.

And what better way to enjoy it once again but to get yourselves a ticket to ABBAMANIA! Mamma Mia! Will you go away? How can you resist this? Common Chiquitita's et Fernando's, see you at Lagao Gym coz if you were swept by the Stephen Bishop Show that was staged on the same venue, then here's another treat for you!

Tickets are priced on the following rates: SVIP- Php 2, 600, VIP- Php 2, 300, Patron- Php 2, 000, Lower Box A- Php 1,600, Lower Box B- Php 1,300, Upper Box- Php 500, and General Admission- Php 300. 

ABBAMANIA Live in Gensan is presented by Viva Live Inc., Redstone Media Productions, and Yvonnie J Events and Production. Together with some partners, Greenleaf Hotel Gensan as the Official Residence, and SM City General Santos and Gaisano Mall of Gensan as the Official Sponsors

ACLC Gensan BOIS Batch Happiness: Competent!

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ACLC General Santos City.

The graduating class of Business Office Information Information System has stood up to the challenge, passing the National Competency in Events Management III given by TESDA last Mar 5-8, 2014, making me one proud and happy mentor. 

Alas! After feeling tortured and anxious for three days waiting for the results ( like you have a  dozen of kids who just got wheeled in in an operating room to be dissected upon!Gosh!), the die is cast: Competent! All the nose-bleeding activities had paid off! Event planning, event proposals, brain-boggling budgeting, negotiating, etcetera-etcetera blah,blah, blah!

It just feels overwhelming when kids come to you and say how much you have been a part of their success.

But this is certainly not about me. I am just an instrument. Its my pride and honor to see that you guys have learned something . I must have done something good to deserve your sweet "thank you's".

Keep up the good work kiddos! This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey to the world out there. Don't tire of absorbing everything there is that life has to offer. Remember, there are still more to learn outside the four corners of your room ( wink!)

You've made me one proud "Maam-Ma"!

Nanay Bebeng Food Trip

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A recent trip to KCC Mall of Gensan gave us the chance to savor the different dishes that Nanay Bebeng has to offer.
Located at the 3rd floor of the mall, this restaurant poses homey interior to food lovers.

Promising a variety of dishes to choose from,  one would be delighted to see an array of food to dig in from Appetizers , Main Course to Dessert. 

Prices range from P60-P110 per serving.

Nanay Bebeng is also coming up with seasonal promotions. Its recent one being the Kalilangan Promo consisting of a generous serving of Kare-Kare, rice, halo-halo and Iced Tea all for P200.00 . Watch out for their combo meals too!

So next time youre at KCC Malls, visit Nanay Bebeng's Restaurant.

c to poppy, kcc & me

Feeling Gwapamuch Me!

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My new-found friend 
celebrity blogger extraordinaire cum
 luckiest-blogger-on-earth , Morgan Zeanreh 
recently had the chance to interview 
my forever crush on showbiz landia:  
And what do you know? 
he took home a surprise video for moi! 

Ah! Ang haba ng hair ng lola mo! 
Now am really confused! 
After carrying Dennis Trillo's surname 
hesitantly during the 
here comes RR wanting to meet me! 
Anuvah....( Sabay ipit ng hair sa tenga!)

I heard JL is coming to town....
mag-"INGAT" na lang jud ko!