ACLC Gensan BOIS Batch Happiness: Competent!

7:00 AM

ACLC General Santos City.

The graduating class of Business Office Information Information System has stood up to the challenge, passing the National Competency in Events Management III given by TESDA last Mar 5-8, 2014, making me one proud and happy mentor. 

Alas! After feeling tortured and anxious for three days waiting for the results ( like you have a  dozen of kids who just got wheeled in in an operating room to be dissected upon!Gosh!), the die is cast: Competent! All the nose-bleeding activities had paid off! Event planning, event proposals, brain-boggling budgeting, negotiating, etcetera-etcetera blah,blah, blah!

It just feels overwhelming when kids come to you and say how much you have been a part of their success.

But this is certainly not about me. I am just an instrument. Its my pride and honor to see that you guys have learned something . I must have done something good to deserve your sweet "thank you's".

Keep up the good work kiddos! This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey to the world out there. Don't tire of absorbing everything there is that life has to offer. Remember, there are still more to learn outside the four corners of your room ( wink!)

You've made me one proud "Maam-Ma"!

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