The Captain's Journey

1:03 AM

I had the pleasure of polishing a poem dedicated to Mr. Domingo Tan Teng for his retirement party. I even had the honor of reading it for Sir Doming in front of an estimated crowd of 350: just some of the people whose lives he has touched.

Before the poem was read, his children spoke about the father that he is and listening to them made me realize how aptly the poem was lettered.

 Allow me to share the poem that encapsulated who the captain was for the many men and women he has shared his life with for the past 50 years.


Kuya, the time has come
For you to bask under the sun
Enjoy life to the fullest
And still be at your cutest.

It’s time to put your family on top
Be with Ate Jean round the clock
Travel as you wish or swim like a fish
Kiss the mist and grant her bucket list!

50 years of success is quite a feat
Anybody would find difficult to beat!
A great leader that is who you are,
We learned a lot because of your big heart.

And now you will retire
Not because you are an old tire.
But the world is so inviting
To a man who is so inspiring.

So many concerns,
You helped us discern
Coz you are sure to resolve
Any issues we cannot solve.

The organization has grown beyond your imagination
Thanks to your hard work & so much devotion
 Thank you for the way you take the lead
We will surely call you should there be a need.

Your concern to our welfare
Is nothing to compare
For we would be bare
If you were not there.

You are a humble leader
To a million follower
Pushing us  always to give our best
Thinking of others over the rest

Thank you for your guidance
For keeping us all in the line
And for the soft words of wisdom
When some chips are down.

You encouraged us and praised us
With mistakes you did not scold us
You knew when to turn up the necessary heat
When we could have missed a very sure hit.

From all of us who have known you
From the youngs and olds, here and far from you
From the high seas, to the highways
We wish you good health along the by ways.

THANK YOU SO MUCH our Dear Kuya Doming
To us, your legacy will forever be enduring.

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