BOIS Spreads Happiness

12:04 AM

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Happiness is something one can share
 even in your own little way.
And we believe that what is in our hands
 is not as important 
as what is in our hearts.

The 2nd year Business Office Information System (BOIS) Students of ACLC Gensan launched an outreach program dubbed as "BOIS Spreads Happiness" in August 2013. The idea is to reach out to as many people as much as possible with simple ways of cheering them up, however temporary. We have pooled together our resources,encouraged others to support our cause , packed some rice, noodles, canned goods and old clothes and went to the streets one day.

Incidentally,GMA TV 7's Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho Show was also running their happiness campaign and encouraged the public to share their video. We submitted a video of our first installment and carried on with the rest of our planned activies. And then, the video was aired! Extreme Happiness is what we felt when a portion of our video was chosen among thousands who have submitted.It made me a proud mentor!

Excerpt from the Private Message sent to 
Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo Facebook Account 
last Sept 27, 2013
Click link to watch the video courtesy of Youtube:

Our project has just begun and yet, we have already received our bonus!

The 2nd year BOIS Students. Ready to Spread Happiness!

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