Chix & the GCs

1:21 AM

Family time is always a rare and precious time for my troop. It doesnt happen often so we make sure that when it does, its gonna be fantastic! But planning to have one takes a looot of consideration on the "pockety" side of things. That's why I just love discount coupons and holiday sale! 

Gift Certificates? Why, those cute little tags make bonding possible from planning to outing, not to mention affordable! I was gifted with a handful of these great GC's from generous friends over the holidays and it certainly made our post-yuletide bonding more enjoyable ( and cheap--teehee)!

To jumpstart the day, we had some qwerky donut overload at J.Co's for our first partially GC-paid indulgence.

And then we shopped at the windows (Window-shopping, hehehe) of the malls  from G-to-V until our leg muscles could scream the hell outta us and let the stomach monsters let out the familiar growling sound as if saying: "Teng! Teng! It's dinner time!"
And so off we went for Tatak Nadies at SM General Santos to make use of the GC that I won during the Soxblogger's Pageant Night Party. Time for some clowning, yay!

A little LPA loving is not about to dampen our little bonding moment. So to cap the night, we headed off to Suncity Suites where a complimentary room awaits us.
Kanya-kanya ng pwesto , mahmen!
And where there is free room, there is also free breakfast. Digging some more!
Ah! All in a day's laag. 

I still have a couple of GCs left in my hand so am looking forward to our next "GC-fired" bonding moments!

Hashtag 1: Fambam
Hashtag 2: GCs!
Hashtag 3: KapwaHayahay

Enjoy-enjoy din. 
For tomorrow is another day....

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