Kety, Phil & Fil : Friendship Beyond Rain or Shine, Eyebags & Bedbugs!

8:26 PM

December 2013 proved to us that no amount of stress, sleepless nights and bad hair days would take its toll on a friendship the three of us share.

Spearheading and troubleshooting the recently concluded -and if I may say, "Successfully Staged"- Paskuhan sa Gensan 2013 did NOTHING but fortified a beautiful camaraderie and brought our respect for each other to different high.

We've worked soaking wet under the rain, sweat it out under the eternal heat of the sun, drowned ourselves with coffee, loaded our bodies with calories, learned to eat WFPs at dawn , beat our arses with 180k worth of stress and still managed to greet each other with the sweetest "beso-beso" evah!

I feel so lucky being a part of this crazy, happy  & genius triumvirate ( mahangin ba?....kayo na lang ang mag-adjust ha)

We are proud of this friendship. And we are proud members of "BMC"- a-not-so-secret-but-bonggang -SUPPORT SYTEM in Gensan where PIKONS do not exist! Whuehehehe!

Wabyu both, Kety & Phil!

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