A Call for Help for Baby Guilbert

7:02 AM

Please let me take this opportunity to ask for a little help for Baby Guilbert.

My husband & I saw this couple today at a Mall in Gensan. The man was carrying something big wrapped in a blanket while the wife bears a kinda worried look on her face.

When they sat near where we were sitting, curiosity got the better of us. Poppy, together with a stranger , approached the couple and I guess started asking questions. Then I saw the man pointed to the direction of a coffee shop as the woman left with a trace of hesitation.

As I could not contain my own curiosity, I finally stood up and joined my husband. I was surprised by what I saw: the man is actually a father who is carrying with him his 6-month old baby whose head is nearly bigger than his own fragile body. Baby Guilbert is suffering from a medical condition called Hydrocephalus.

The baby's condition melted my heart. The mother in me wanted to cry at the poor baby's situation.Just when I was about to ask the man why they are at the mall,the  wife came back holding a P50 bill , the baby's picture and what looks to me like a letter in her hand saying " Gitagaan nila ko ug singkwenta". 

Later  we found out that they went to the mall with the hope of finding help in any possible way. They need money to buy Baby Guilbert his milk and his "cream" . Isabelita Granada, the baby's mother said they came from Sarangani Province ( Lun Padido, if I remembered it right) and are both desperate to look for anything that could help them in this situation.

Poppy & I gave the couple a small amount if only to help them buy a pack of milk for baby Guilbert. I took a photo of them with blogging ( to ask help) in my mind, wished them well and left with a rather heavy heart. 

I am sharing this hoping that there will be people with generous hearts who would reach out and help them. The family is temporarily living with a relative named Janet Corpus in Molave, Brgy . Lagao , (near Brgy. Botika) this City . 

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