I, Teacher.

8:12 AM

I'm wearing my teaching hat exceptionally high today.

The teacher's evaluation is out and the result was just heartwarming. I have been receiving an "EXCELLENT"  rating consistently for the past 4 years of my teaching career but what I always look forward to are the comments that my students leave. 

Those words keep me grounded and allow me to do a self-check. The words have always been so kind and sweet it always gives me a reassurance that I can actually be a "GOOD" educator.

Years back, I never thought that my career path would lead me to the portals of Education. Funny that I would end  up liking the profession and feel very passionate about it.

Thank you ACLC Gensan for the opportunity. Thank you Ms. Maya Cartojano for believing in me. Thank you ACLCians for that wonderful review.

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